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CFDb Interviews Kevin Sorbo

CFDb Interviews Kevin Sorbo ~ Actor

= > What was the first Christian Film you had a role in?

What if?

= > What is your favorite Christian Film that you’ve been involved in?

Abel’s Field

= > What acting projects are you involved in now?

I have a number of projects that are complete, but have no idea when, or if, they will ever be released. I will be shooting two movies over the next month. One is a comedy and the other is a faith based movie. I also have 3 other projects I am producing and starring in that we are getting close to financing.

= > Do you have an official website giving more information about you and your upcoming films? is a great place to see what is going on with my career.

= > What else are you involved in, besides acting? will give you all the information on my after school program.

= > If you had a chance to meet any character from the Bible, who would it be and why? (If Jesus is not one of the options!)

Moses. No question. Simply because he is Moses.

= > Tell us a little bit about your new book, True Strength.

True Strength is my memoir that tells the story of my strokes which I suffered at the peak of Hercules. It deals with the years leading up to that moment and how I fought back to regain my life. It is a story of never giving up and not letting others dictate what you can and cannot do with your life when you hit a road you never can prepare for. and your local book store will have the book. Christian Book Distributors also carries the book.

= > What helped you the most in your recovery from the stroke?

My faith in God. My wife, Sam. My will to keep on going and not give up.

= > Has it been difficult to live the Christian life in Hollywood as an actor?

It is so odd that Christians are taking such a bashing. I am amazed and confused as to why this is happening. All I can say is I don’t see Christians strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up buses and cafes filled with women and children. Even if you don’t believe in the 10 commandments, they are still pretty good rules to live by.

= > Will you be addressing in your book some of the personal demons you’ve had to face as a result of being a Christian in Hollywood?

That is not why I wrote the book.

= > What is the contact information for scheduling you to share your personal testimony?

Ambassador Speakers. 615-384-5996

= > What do you want to be most known for?

Being a family man. Being a good father.



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