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CFDb Interviews Kire Elsasser

CFDb Interviews Kire Elsasser ~ 2013 AMTC Shine Event winner
Overall Child Male Actor & Overall Child Dancer
Kire Elsasser Theatrical (819x1024)

= > Tell us a little bit about you and about your unique name.

I am a hip hop dancer who also enjoys acting and modeling. My name comes from my dad’s name spelled backwards. It’s pronounced like Fire, but with a K.


= > How did you know you wanted to get involved in acting and dancing?

I’ve always enjoyed performing and having people watch me. So when my mom told me about AMTC and that I would perform in front of people, I was so excited, not nervous. I don’t get nervous on stage, so I know that is where God wants me to be. I also thought it would be pretty cool to see myself on T.V. or the movie screen.

For dancing, I saw these professional hip hop dancers perform on a cruise when I was six and I thought, I could do that.


Kire Elsasser, Shine Event

= > Please share with us about your experience at the AMTC Shine Event.

It was a lot of hard work, but the hard work paid off. I won overall male child actor, overall child dancer and was a finalist for male child model. I was so happy I got to do my solo dance in the talent finale and also do on camera, cold read, and scene read in the acting finale.

I also got a chance to audition for a film and meet the Director. I loved meeting new friends, taking pictures and signing autographs.


Kire Elsasser Dance Color (683x1024)

= > What are your dreams for acting/dancing?

For acting, to be in a Christian film and use that to help get family and friends saved.

For dancing, to dance in Time Square during New Years Eve.


= > How will your walk with God affect your future decisions in regards to acting/dancing?

I always want to put God first. I’m a Christian first, dancer and actor second.


Kire Elsasser Dance B-W (683x1024)

= > Is there any advice you would like to give the children out there who might be interested in acting or dancing?

It’s a lot of hard work and you might want to give up, but don’t give up. Keep going and see what you can do.

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