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CFDb Interviews Leela Whitehead

CFDb Interview Leela Whitehead ~ Actress &
2013 AMTC Shine Event Winner Overall Female Child Actor

Leela Whitehead (1024x683)

= > How did you know you wanted to become an actress?  Also, at what age did you know?

When I was three years old, I knew I could do the same thing that all the Disney kids were doing on TV.  I asked my mom if I could get on the TV but she said I would get hurt if I got on top of the TV.  I told her I want to be in the TV and be an actress.  She found an audition for me three days later with AMTC (Actors, Models & Talent for Christ).


= > How has God worked things out for you to begin acting?

Awesomely, I was selected from my first audition with AMTC in September of 2010.  I worked hard and participated in AMTC Summer Shine 2011.  There I meet a lot of friends and my mom made connections.  I have been doing acting and modeling projects since then, right in my city.  I thank God for helping me live my dream.


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= > Was the AMTC Shine Event 2013 fun for you and would you recommend others your age auditioning for a Shine Event?

Yes, I had a lot of fun.  I had worked hard getting ready for this AMTC Summer Shine, so I was ready to play hard and have fun.  I had a really great time meeting new friends, signing autographs and getting autographs from guest and future stars.  Being in front of a camera or on stage is exciting for me.  The award show was great. When I was first called up to the stage as a female child model finalist, I ran all the way to the stage each time my name was called, it was so exciting!  I would recommend anyone my age, young or old, to audition for a Shine Event.  Shine helps everyone get a great start. If you don’t get it the first time.  You’ll get it next time. Just keep trying.


= > When your name was announced at the AMTC event, as the overall female child actor winner, what were you thinking and feeling?

Wow, me!  I was so excited and I started to jump up and down.  I wanted to do cartwheels.  I was so happy that I got star quality, like at my summer camp, AGI Entertainment. I am anointed and appointed to use my gifts for God!

My mom said if I work hard I could play hard and she was right!  I get to go to Disney World! I was so excited to be with all the winners at the end of the award show. I was posing a lot with my trophy, then to my surprise confetti exploded everywhere around me. I wanted to remember that moment so I grabbed handfuls of confetti to bring home and put in my scrapbook.  I told everyone after the award show that, I shined my light and I did it for God!

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= > What are your future plans for acting?  Your ultimate dream?

I plan to continue working on and getting better in all areas of acting. I want to be able to work in LA, NY as well as Atlanta. I plan to go to LA very soon and to NY.  I want to work on my other talents: singing, dancing and modeling.  I want to try new things and see new places around the world.  My ultimate dream is to work on Disney or Nickelodeon or any Kid shows or movies for the rest of my life.

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  1. Brenda Porter says
    07 August 13, 7:21am

    wOw!!! Leela is so cute! I love the answers that she gave! The pics are so so cute!! She is a blessed child and will go far in this industry!!!

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