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CFDb Interviews Maddie Kato

CFDb Interviews Maddie Kato ~ 2013 AMTC Shine Event
Winner for Overall Female Teen Actor and
Overall Female Teen Lifestyle Model

Maddie Kato

 = > Tell us a little bit about yourself and how the experience was when you found out you were an overall winner in 2 categories?

I’m going into the 8th grade, and this will be my first year that I will be homeschooled.  AMTC was an amazing experience. When I found out I won in
two categories I was very shocked. I didn’t really believe it at first. I was very happy!

= > Please share with us how you knew you wanted to become an actress/model.

I’ve watched a lot of America’s Next Top Model. I enjoyed Tyra Banks and her modeling advice. I then started modeling classes at Advantage last year.
While taking these classes I decided I wanted to be a model. After the classes I learned that I enjoyed acting too.

Maddie Kato 1

= > How has God directed in your life in regards to your acting/modeling?

My parents and I picked Advantage because it’s a Christian-based company.  In my acting and modeling I want to follow Christian values and standards.

= > What is your ultimate dream for acting?

I would really love to one day work on a Disney TV show or movie.

= > What steps will you be taking now in order to pursue your dreams?

I plan on taking acting classes and learning as much as I can about being a good actor and model.

For more information on Maddie Kato, check out her CFDb Profile Page.


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