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CFDb Interviews Rachael Yeager

CFDb Interviews Rachael Yeager ~ Director/Writer


= > How did you get involved in the Film Industry?

I was fortunate enough to be offered a role as an extra in a mini series that was being filmed in Kentucky. I was still in high school, and the idea of having my mug on camera was thrilling back then. I had, and still have, such a driving passion for acting and theatre and personifying a character.

After my experience as an extra, I got hired by Kelly’s Filmworks as a Production Assistant. I eventually worked up the ranks and became a 1st Assistant Director. By that time, I thought I had enough experience to branch out and do my own thing…my naivety knows no bounds.

The inspiration to start my passion of acting and filming and artistic media and performing all stems back to one defining moment as a 13 year old. I was watching a Tom Hanks film and realized that he must have so much fun doing that. I wanna do that! I just hope that one day I’ll be able to tell Tom that he unknowingly inspired a poor ‘lil teenage girl from middle-of-nowhere, Kentucky, to make movies.

= > What or who was the inspiration for ‘No Lost Cause’?

The inspiration for No Lost Cause shifted during the writing process.

Ashley, her mother and I were sitting around a fireplace discussing the concept of unconditional love. I was fascinated by the subject and the wheels in my head started turning. After a while, I plotted out the story of a young woman who is trapped within the confines of a wheelchair, and the man who loved her regardless.

One unforgettable day, I developed an instantaneous bond with the lead character, Beth Ann Collins. My life, while it did not parallel hers, became almost unbearably similar.  I woke up with the central vision in my right eye completely gone. It literally happened overnight. The doctors labeled it as Choroidal Neovascularization. The chances of it getting better were 50/50. Things changed rapidly that day with talks of procedures, medical bills, blindness, and so on.

While enduring this struggle, I realized that I was at a certain crossroads in my life. I could continue down the same path I’d been on for 19 years–one of hopelessness, selfishness, and self-indulgences–or I could redirect my focus on the Man who loves me unconditionally: Jesus Christ.

The latter option meant that this struggle of blindness was no longer mine to bear. I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I’d be able to make films. I didn’t have to worry about the 50/50 odds. I didn’t have to worry…period. He had already chosen me as his beloved long before I entered this world, and now it was up to me to chose Him.

And so I did. With that choice came healing, a screenplay with a different concept than originally intended, two completed films, friendship, a family of filmmakers, and a new life.

I hope it’s not alienating to say that I was the inspiration for “No Lost Cause”, but the events of my life during the time I was writing it certainly had the biggest impact on the story.

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= > Is this your first film you’ve written? If not, what was your first?

This was definitely the first film that I’ve written (and completed) that can actually be taken seriously. I dabbled in screenplays when I was in high school, but those were mostly for me and my friends to have fun with. I have a thousand ideas floating around in my head and a few of them have made it to paper.

I have, however, been writing a story for years and years that I just recently finished. It’s a mini-series and was one of the first original stories I ever created on my own.

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= > Do you have any other projects you are working on currently that you can tell us about?

Right now, Ashley and I are in post-production for our second feature film titled “The Hepburn Girls”. It’s a wonderful gem that Ashley wrote and stares in (I even have a supporting role) and I can’t wait for it to officially be complete so everyone can see it.

Aside from that, I’m taking time off from film (just temporarily) so I can focus on writing more inspiring stories and focus on what God wants from me next.

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= > How can others learn more about you and your work?

We’ve taken over Facebook! You can find information about No Lost Cause at, The Hepburn Girls at

Also, feel free to message us on Facebook, as well. We do our best to respond to each message we receive.

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