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CFDb Interviews Terrence Lovett

CFDb Interviews Terrence Lovett ~ CEO of Christian Library on Demand

= > What prompted you to begin Christian Library on Demand?

I wanted to make a difference.  I think that our nation is on the wrong track.  Christianity has forgotten values that work and I want to ensure the next generation has an opportunity to learn and apply those values.  So I decided to use my skills and talent to bring back the opportunities for any individual to be able to hear and consume the stories and truths of the Bible.  I believe that people of conscience must learn to entertain and create a world of shows where values are highlighted and people are reminded of hope and faith in more than themselves. 


= > Can you tell us more about how this service benefits Christians and their families? 

The Christian Library on Demand seeks to be the next level in an effort to ensure our values are not lost to the negative trends in society today.  Through video on demand and online streaming we have the freedom to reach families with convenient access to our content.  Christians can now build a company which is flexible, on the edge of technology and which specifically serves their wide range of needs.  The benefits are safe, informative, entertaining and family friendly content to watch anytime, and easily accessible via cable remote. 



= > Is this service available anywhere? 

The Christian Library on Demand presents EnLive, Entertainment for life video on demand service which will be available in September 2012, in Pennsylvania and Ohio on Armstrong Cable video on demand selections.  We are also negotiating a partnership with a Christian music outreach organization in Japan.  Finally we have aspirations in South Korea and we are seeking Christian organizational partnership there as well.  EnLive is our family fare brand designed for the whole family here in the U.S.


= > What are the costs for this program and how exactly does it work? 

EnLive is a monthly subscription cable video on demand service or an all you can view for one price per month. Cable customers with digital cable service can access our content via their cable remote.  We provide 30 hours of programming in a variety of genres for all ages produced from a Christian perspective or just family fare entertainment.  EnLive programs can be watched on our viewer’s schedule.  As we develop our cable and online streaming affiliates we will be viewable anywhere and on any device.  Our prices will vary depending upon your place of residence.  Also if you don’t have access to EnLive today you can call or email your cable service provider and request EnLive, Entertainment for Life to be carried by your cable system.  When a cable company gets enough requests they will respond by carrying EnLive.


= > What are your goals for Christian Library on Demand? 

We want to support the creativity of Christian producers worldwide and provide a steady stream of revenue for their creative efforts.  We will encourage the expansion of the creation of Christian entertainment and distribute it worldwide. Finally we want to provide a place where all people can see and hear the stories of the Bible, informational content and just wholesome family fare in an entertaining format through a variety of genres.


= > How can others help spread the word about Christian Library on Demand? 

Please call your cable company and request that they carry EnLive, Entertainment for Life video on demand subscription service.  Your opinions and requests are not ignored.  One call represents thousands of opinions to cable companies and with enough calls and emails they will respond.  So tell your friends and neighbors who believe that the knowledge of God is key to the future of our nation and want to make a difference on the direction of our nation.  Call or email and request EnLive, Entertainment for Life video on demand subscription service to be carried on their cable system.


= > Where can people find out more about Christian Library on Demand? and in mid September we will launch and you will be able to sign up there or send an email to your cable service provider and ask them to carry EnLive, Entertainment for life!



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