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Mission Statement

Our CFDb Mission Statement - Christian Film Database

Our Mission at CFDb:

CFDb is an online Christian Film Database, providing a list of Christian Films on DVD, Blu-ray, 16mm, Vhs, VOD and those coming to Television or Theater release.  Our purpose is to provide the public with an extensive database of movies, musicals,  documentaries, as well as docu-dramas that have a Christian message or theme, or is based on a Christian book.  CFDb will also list some movies that are marketed to Christians with a notation that the film may have had all or most of the Christianity removed from the film.

CFDb desires to see Christians and non Christians find films that will lead them to Christ as their personal Savior or to strengthen their faith.  CFDb is an online tool for individuals and churches to search films via titles or categories.


CFDb Mission is to Win people to Christ and Strengthen the faith of Believers, through spreading the word about Christian Film.

CFDb differs from other Christian sites as we are specifically focused on Christian films, rather than  family friendly films, and in the rare exceptions we list a family friendly film, we note the fact in our description of the film.

Our main purpose and goal is to list all Christian films ever made and to focus mainly on upcoming films and new releases.

We long to be a Complete Database of ALL “Christian Films”!

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