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AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 2 ~ Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 2 ~ Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

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Another great day at the AMTC Shine event!  God is the One that gives us talents.  If you’re not sure where to begin, try AMTC, you won’t be disappointed.

Seminar Sign AMTC

Seminar – How to Get Booked in a Faith Based Film

The seminar I had the privilege of attending was presented by Nise Davies, Ben Davies‘ mom, who also owns Advantage Talent.

Nise Davies

GREAT IDEAS presented

The tips presented in this seminar are common sense and yet PRICELESS information!  Pay attention everyone who wants to get involved in the Christian film or faith based film industry.

Nise talked about the differences between a Christian and Faith Based Film from the perspective of a casting director.

A Christian Film is a film that presents the Full Gospel message, including the steps to come to Jesus.

A Faith based film is a film that sows seeds for the Gospel, but it’s more of a subtle message.

  • Doors open through acting for models and dancers and singers.
  • It’s important to develop your talent.  Laziness is a pet peeve of hers and rightly so.  The attitude that you don’t need training is laziness.  Everyone needs excellent training and it’s important to continually work to increase your talent.
  • If your agent gets 10% and you get 90% then you need to do 90% of the work.  One way is to make sure you get the best photos.  (Hiring a coach before a role is another great way to go that extra mile.)
  • Your main goal is to get an IMDb Page.  Search your name to make sure you aren’t already on there.  You have to verify you have at least 1 eligible credit for work such as film, tv series, episodes, etc.  Commercials and/or music videos do not count and even stage work for the first credit.
  • You can offer to work as an extra on a film for free, that will open doors for you as well.  (Make sure you work just as hard, or harder when you are working for free.  Show integrity and character!
  • Be careful about your character, especially on FB and Twitter.  Your casting director may google you, check your FB page, ask your girlfriend/boyfriend about your character.
  • Her 2nd pet peeve is pride.  Confidence is great, but when it becomes pride, that will lead to a fall, just like the Bible states in Proverbs.
  • Be prepared – know your lines, be a team player.  Have a great attitude, no complaining.
  • Be faithful in the little things, let God promote you.
  • Decide what is appropriate and stick to it.  Pray about it, read the Word, let God guide you and do NOT compromise on your principles no matter what.
  • As a believer, you need to be above the rest, go that extra mile.
  • It’s not just who you know, but those people need to like you…

Advantage Talent

Learn from the people that have already experienced what you want to experience.

Looking forward to day 3!

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