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Actress Mimi Sagadin Makes Sundance Debut


Return to the Hiding Place

When resistance fighter Piet Hartog witnesses atrocities toward the Jews, he is drawn by his beautiful love Aty and her Aunt Corrie into the web of espionage and clandestine activities in the Hiding Place, where he joins brilliant young physics student and resistance journalist, Hans Poley, embarking on a nonstop, action-packed hunt through underground tunnels, Gestapo hijacks, daring rescues, codes in windswept old windmills, and stunning miracles in one of history’s most famous dramas.

Piet, Hans, and their friends navigate a deadly labyrinth of challenges to rescue God’s people in their modern-day panicked exodus from death. Climaxing in the true, breath-taking rescue of an entire orphanage of Jewish children marked for mass execution by Hitler’s assassins, audiences will both cheer and weep at this exciting, sobering tale.

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PARK CITY, UT (January 18, 2014) –The Park City Official Red Carpet Premiere of “Return to the Hiding Place” hosted by the Bel Air Film Festival & A2E sold out (500 seat) screening of the first movie in their decade-long history to win in three categories Best Jury Feature Film, Cinematography and Directing, Bel Air FF planners hand-selected “Return to the Hiding Place” to be their premiere film at Sundance in 2014.

Mimi Sagadin plays Corrie ten Boom in award-winning RETURN TO THE HIDING PLACE

Mimi Sagadin and castmembers David Thomas Jenkins, Craig Robert Young, Rachel Spencer-Hewitt, Joanie Stewart, Kelly Greyson, acting coach Dr. Diane Howard will be in attendance, along with director Peter C. Spencer, producers Petra and Maria Spencer, editor Josiah Spencer and assoc. producer Jeff Canavan (Shawshank Redemption).

RETURN TO THE HIDING PLACE actress Mimi Sagadin celebrates the film's wins at San Antonio International Christian Film FestivalRed carpet arrivals will begin at 6:30pm marking this Sagadin’s first Sundance experience.

Emmy-nominated John Rhys-Davies and Mimi Sagadin stars of RETURN TO THE HIDING PLACE-Mimi Sagadin stars as the well-known Dutch hero of the Holocaust, Corrie ten Boom alongside renown Emmy-nominated John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Indiana Jones) who plays Eusi, a rabbi from Amsterdam, who Corrie ten Boom aids in hiding from the Gestapo lead Nazi Party.

“This film is critical for our culture today… I’m so proud to be involved in this picture” states Sagadin’s co-star John Rhys Davies about the 9+-festival winning film. Corrie ten Boom’s personal assistant Pam Rosewell Moore commented “I felt like I was with Corrie all over again…” after seeing Sagadin’s portrayal of her friend.

Mimi Sagadin plays Katherine in biographical, rom-dramedy __Princess Cut__Mimi’s acting career began when she trained in improv at Chicago’s infamous Second City, since then, she has starred in over 40 projects including Ron Howard’s “The Dilemma” with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Connelly, “Side Effects” with Katherine Heigl and leads two, true-story feature films “Return to the Hiding Place” and biographical, country-set romantic dramedy “Princess Cut” releasing 2015.

“Mimi’s work as an actress in “Return to the Hiding Place” has that old-school raw, craftsmanship which transcends you as an audience to authentically experience life during the pressures of that era,” says Jenn Gotzon, Sagadin’s co-star in “Princess Cut” who also shares working with the same Oscar-winning director, Ron Howard.

Mimi’s passion began at age 8, though it wasn’t until Sagadin was in her 30’s when her best friend actress Maggie Malone urged her to pursue her dream. Several-years later, while playing a minor role in Chicago’s stage play “The Hiding Place,” the cast was offered the opportunity to audition for the film. In 2010, sisters Barbara and Karen Divisek cast Mimi Sagadin to play Corrie ten Boom in “Return to the Hiding Place”, a triple-crown winning film later, fulfilling Sagadin’s mission to perform in stories that bring hope to our culture.

Sagadin is repped by Chicago’s Grossman and Jack Talent and has traveled with the film nationwide.

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  1. Paul Munger says
    18 January 14, 10:54am

    Congrats Mimi, that’s fantastic!

  2. Diane M. Leach says
    20 January 14, 7:43pm

    Congradulations to you Mimi, A powerful performance, and a excellent story.

  3. 20 January 14, 8:28pm

    So very well deserved, Mimi! Mimi is an incredible actress as well as a wonderful friend, always encouraging & supportive. I am so very , very happy for you Mimi! I am SO proud of you!

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