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Biblical Film “40 Nights” Pushes Into Pre-Production

Biblical Film “40 Nights”
Pushes Into Pre-Production



A uniquely powerful biblical script entitled “40 Nights ” moves into pre-production to shoot in March.

It’s no secret that the genre of inspirational/faith films has grown over the past few years. Biblical-era films are not as commonly produced but are in high demand with distributors. DJ Perry, CEO of Collective Development Inc. is an actor, writer, and producer known for his creation of many films in several genres. He’s produced numerous period films and has a reputation for staying on budget and schedule while bringing strong production values to the screen. This skill set has made him a very sought out resource by people looking to associate and have their film supervised and produced. Most recently this was done for Michigan author Christopher Knight aka Johnathan Rand (American Chillers) for his book-to-movie venture “Bestseller” releasing in May 2015.

As an actor DJ Perry is internationally known from his plethora of films released in several countries around the world. He’s selective about his roles and the teams of artists he surround himself with. Co-Producing with him on “40 Nights” is Melissa Anschutz (Ashes of Eden, Bestseller) and Anthony Hornus (Wicked Spring, Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town) along with a team of seasoned producers. The film’s overall visionary is Jesse Low, serving as the director.

dj-perry-1-225x300DJ Perry

“Passion and professionalism are attributes I require in artists on both sides of the camera.” – DJ Perry

Several years ago DJ was brought in to supervise crew and co-star as Benjamin, in the biblical film “Book of Ruth, Journey of Faith”. The film has enjoyed worldwide success since being distributed by PureFlix Entertainment.

DJ’s resemblance to Jesus in that film initiated an offer for him to star in a large budget biblical epic as Jesus. That endeavor is still struggling at the studio level in development. But his deep character study led him to write the script “40 Nights”. The film focuses on what he saw as the most fascinating period in Jesus’s life. It’s about his quest into the wilderness to overcome human temptations and gather his own strength for the journey ahead. Audiences will follow this one man whose ultimate sacrifice would one day capture the attention of the world.

More updates and information can be found at:  40 Nights Website

For more about DJ Perry, check out his blog, and check out his interview with CFDb, which was the very first interview that we did back in 2011.

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