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CFDb Garners Over 100,000 Visitors a Month

CFDb Garners Over 100,000 Visitors a Month


Annelie and Roger Rudlaff of CFDb at the Pan Pacific Film Festival 2012



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CFDb, the Christian Film Database, is rapidly building a solid online following, with on average between 84,000 to 100,000 unique visitors per month.

160x160 cfdb bannerCFDb, an online database of films that are either faith-based or marketed to Christians, was founded in 2008 by Roger and Annelie Rudlaff. Its inception took place when Roger turned his significant collection of faith-based films into the Wayhouse Christian Film Library, a library where anyone in the public could rent faith-based movies for free. The Rudlaffs maintained the Wayhouse Christian Film Library for several years, during which time they gradually realized that most people didn’t even know that the faith-based films genre existed. People would frequently ask Roger if he had a list of faith-based films, so he compiled a list of all the titles he knew of. That list then evolved into a database, which eventually became CFDb.

Most of CFDbs traffic comes from the United States and Canada, with 54% percent male and 46% female use. The Rudlaffs see CFDb primarily as a ministry and an evangelistic tool.

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But with such an extensive market reach CFDb most certainly presents real marketing potential for producers too. The advertising opportunities include 125X125 homepage adverts for just $50 a month through to wallpaper background advertising for $1,800 a month. Other options include social media shoutouts to their 5,400 fans for as little as $10.

The Rudlaffs see it as their calling to not only increase market awareness of faith-based films, but also to support the industry directly. CFDb offers information on distribution, production companies, and auditions for faith-based film industry professionals.

When asked what the key difference is for consumers between looking up faith-based titles on CFDb or on IMDB the Rudlaffs say that it’s a question of being a safe place for Christian consumers – on CFDb consumers know that they will not be exposed to questionable imagery.

But not everyone is a fan of their service – the website is a frequent victim of hackers, which causes significant logistical and financial pressure for CFDb as they continue to fight to create a space place for faith-based film fans, and a greater awareness of faith-based film product.

The Rudlaffs vision is to continue expanding CFDbs database, and to possibly integrate product sales directly into the website. They’re open to partnership opportunities, and are currently in ongoing talks with several organizations about the commercial possibilities.

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