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The Christian Filmmaker Report Has Officially Launched

The Christian Filmmaker Report Has Officially Launched



The Christian Filmmaker Report

The first trade for the faith-based film industry has officially launched. The Christian Filmmaker Report focuses primarily on films containing a Christian themed message or moral, specifically produced by Christian filmmakers. Its online platform provides daily breaking news, industry reports, and expert analysis.

The Christian Filmmaker Report was founded by the newly formed Alliance of Christian Filmmakers, with the vision of uniting and solidifying the faith-based filmmaking industry. With a clear goal of consolidating the faith-based filmmaking industry and increasing strategic relationships, founder Vanessa Frank has united some of the biggest names in faith-based filmmaking in order to facilitate a better flow of strategic industry information and key partnerships.

Prior to the The Christian Filmmaker Report there was no centralized news flow that focused solely on faith-based film industry news. Frank, a faith-based film director and producer herself, initiated this strategic platform after realizing that this was a need within the faith-based film industry which needed to be met. The response within the industry since launch has been phenomenal – its readership is growing on a daily basis, with rapid viral social media growth and a high level of industry recognition. Frank is now contacted daily by faith-based filmmakers and talent who have recognized the power of this platform.

Frank, who sits on the advisory board of the Nashville Film Institute, is clearly a strategic innovator within the faith-based film industry. She is keen to bring the same level of alliance and competitive value to the faith-based film industry as is currently enjoyed by the secular film industry. And by bringing together some of the brightest minds in faith-based filmmaking, and developing a platform for an ongoing flow of communication, she is certainly approaching that goal.


Vanessa Frank

Vanessa Frank

Vanessa Frank initially started out acting for television, short films and corporate videos before moving into film and television production. Following this Vanessa worked in film distribution for Optimum Releasing and international film sales for Renaissance Films, and was Assistant to the Festival Director of the International Screenwriters Festival.

 In addition to her experience in the film industry Vanessa has worked as a forum organizer for UNAIDS at the United Nations, has acted as Executive Assistant to the Chief Content Officer of the world’s largest live music channel, and has run her own financial services company. She is additionally the author of faith-based supernatural novella “Destiny’s Chase”.

 Vanessa sits on the advisory board of the Nashville Film Institute.

Vanessa recently made her directorial debut with Let The Lion Roar, a high-concept faith-based docu-drama starring Kevin Sorbo, Steven Baldwin, Eric Roberts, and John Schneider.

 She holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Film and Television from Surrey Roehampton University, and has a huge passion for encouraging the next generation of filmmakers.

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