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Early church welcomed persecution because it led to growth

Early church welcomed persecution
because it led to growth


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Kyle Hooks
Posted: March 18, 2016

I went with some friends to see the latest Christian movie in the theaters the other night. We sat in an air-conditioned building in large, comfortable, reclining chairs and watched a high-definition projected display while our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world sat in jail cells and torture chambers, or at least on a dirt floor hoping police don’t discover their church gathering.

It strikes me as odd that in a country where movies appealing to “Christians” are cranked out several times a year, churches still struggle to grow. We’ve all heard the statistics about how Christianity is on the decline in the West. We are seeing the same historical pattern which led Europe into a post-Christian era play out here in America, even with a church on every corner and “Christian” movies in every theater.

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