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First Glimpse of ‘Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods’

First Glimpse of ‘Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods’

Polycarp&GermanicusHenline Productions has released the first production still from “Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods.”
The post-biblical drama stars Garry Nation (“Indescribbable”) as Polycarp and
Rusty Martin (“Courageous”) as Germanicus, both featured in the photo.

Directed by eighteen-year-old Joe Henline and written by his sister Jerica, the full-length feature film will depict the story of church father, Polycarp, who faced Roman persecution in the 2nd Century.

“This movie gives us a glimpse into the trials of the early Christians,” says Scott Eash, the film’s producer. “Polycarp was born around the time the Book of Acts was written, so we get to pick up the story as Christianity was passed to the next generation.”

“Polycarp” is currently in post-production.  Information about the production and release of ‘Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods‘ will be announced at the official movie website:

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