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Hollywood bids to win over Christians without alienating secular moviegoers

Hollywood bids to win over Christians
without alienating secular moviegoers


Photo by: Chuck Zlotnick
Kylie Rogers (left) and Jennifer Garner star in “Miracles From Heaven,”
the latest Hollywood effort to cash in on the biblical genre.
Critics say such films take too many liberties and
miss the larger point of the Gospel. (Associated Press)


– The Washington Times – Thursday, March 17, 2016

Some Christians are asking themselves, what doth it profit a man to gain Hollywood but lose his own soul?

Friday’s release of “Miracles From Heaven” is the latest in a trendy genre of faith-based films that critics compare to the proselytizing of the prosperity gospel.

 In telling the story of a young, terminally ill girl who is miraculously healed after falling 30 feet from a tree, producer-pastors T.D. Jakes and DeVon Franklin hope to duplicate their 2014 blockbuster hit “Heaven Is for Real,” a similar story that topped $100 million at the box office after production for a paltry $12 million.

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CFDb Comment

Although I (Annelie) am quoted in this article I want to make sure that everyone knows Roger and I LOVED ‘Miracles from Heaven’.  It was very realistic and is based on their true life experience and there are a couple of places where it is mentioned that they don’t understand why there are so many that are not healed.

There will come a DAY when we can ask those questions that we all have, but in the meantime…it’s important to keep our faith no matter what trials we go through.  It’s also important not to judge too harshly other people because we don’t know what we would do in a similar situation.  We act like Peter too often saying we’ll die for You Jesus but sometimes we betray Him instead.  Keep praying for all of us to find a solid relationship with Jesus and for all of us to come up higher glorifying God in all we say and do.

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