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Meet Audrey Cornett

Age Group: 18 to 24 Gender: Female
Height: 5'6" City/Town: Los Angeles
State: California Country: United States

Audrey Cornett is a Actress, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Audrey , you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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I was born in small town Owensville, Ohio. And, when it came to acting and writing, my dreams went beyond the moon. My supportive family gave my dreams wings, and soon I was on my way. At the age fifteen, I attended the Master Works Festival for theater. It was there, for two months, my passion for acting grew. I attended, for a second year at the intensive festival, the following summer. By the time I was seventeen, I had an agent, and was being sent out regularly for auditions locally.

As for my writing, it was always my passionate hobby. Something I could turn to when reality became to intense. Until one day, my loving Mother encouraged me to take my writing to the next level. I discovered a writing conference, Writing for the Soul, being held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was at this same time, I had just finished AMTC and had a request to meet with an agency in Los Angeles, California. My Father, being a Pastor of twenty two years, insisted we pray intensely on what God would have me do.

As the days passed, He made it very clear. He opened the doors and soon, my family and I packed up our mini van and traveled across the country. We were going to kill two birds with one stone. First, the writers conference. Second, the meeting with the agency. While in Colorado, I signed with my first literary agent. And once in California, I signed with the desired theatrical agency.
From there, God only continued to bless me. The following year, I moved to Los Angeles California.

I am currently still living in Los Angeles, following my dreams, and waiting for God’s every whispered direction for my life.  I truly believe the entertainment industry is a great missions field. And, as I continue this amazing journey, I look forward to using any and all talents to fully honor and glorify Him.



The Master Works Festival (2009-2010.),
The John Kirby Studio,
Heyman Talent Workshops,
Actors Key Workshops, etc.

The Avengers,
Light of the World,
For the Glory,
Marjorie Daw,
The last battle,
Polycarp, etc.

Dave and Busters,
Baskin Robbins,
Boot Country,
Sage Auto Insurance. etc.

Our Town,
The Miracle Worker,
Sound of Music,
Phantom of the Opera. etc.


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