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Meet Austin Kay

Age Group: Select One Gender: Male
Height: N/A City/Town: N/A
State: N/A Country: United States

Austin Kay is a Actor, Cinematographer, Composer, Director, Producer. If you'd like to learn more about Austin, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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Austin’s film making life started when he was grounded from TV and computer, two weeks had passed, and he was about to die of boredom. Them he realized that he hadn’t been grounded from his old video camera, so he loaded the tapes in and watched is own home family videos. Then Austin began creating videos of his own to entertain himself. He just made some short clips of his model trains.

Eventually, he was ungrounded, and continued his life. He soon got a computer screen capturing software, and began recording train videos using a program called “Trainz, Railroad Simulator”. His dad showed him “Windows Movie Maker” and soon Austin mastered the software.

As he was browsing through YouTube one day, he stumbled across a video with light saber effects. Austin discovered how easy it was to do the effect. That’s when his dad introduced him to Adobe Pro. Austin shot his first lightsaber video, he struggled doing the effect. Then his friend came over and they filed their first lightsaber fight.

Austin’s “Rotoscoping” was very sloppy and amateur, and he messed up over and over, but Austin didn’t give up. He soon discovered “Adobe Premier Pro”. Austin essentially taught himself everything he learned. He started adding music and sound effects to his videos, then made a model trains review video and posted it on YouTube. Austin started a series of YouTube videos about model trains.

In the mean time, Austin and his friend were planning on film there first featured home made film based on “Star Wars”. Also came the birth of “HEART POUNDING PRODUCTIONS”. But there was a problem, Austin was rushing the production to fast, and his friend was hardly ever available for filming. In the end his friend moved away and only 4 scenes had been filmed. Austin was very disappointed.

Some time passed, but eventually, Austin joined the multi media team at his church. He first started by running a camera during the service. After a while, Austin’s camera operation skills got better and better. Austin continued practicing special effects work. In 8th grade, he was assigned his first video project to do a commercial promoting the “Worlds Fair” Austin demonstrated Green Screen effects (although very cheesy) though it was never displayed in class, his film partners were very impressed.

Austin leveled up in the multimedia team to video director, to improve his directing skills. Soon he started film his high school Wednesday services, and when editing, skills began to improve even more.

To this day Austin has committed his life to Jesus, and is using his film making abilities to spread the gospel to all nations. – Matthew 28:19



Found and owner of the Christian Film Co. Heart Pounding Productions.
Director, Actor, Producer, Editor, Composer.

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