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Meet Bart Willard

Age Group: 41 to 50 Gender: Male
Height: N/A City/Town: Warren
State: Indiana Country: United States

Bart Willard is a Other. If you'd like to learn more about Bart, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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My Name is Bart Willard. I’m an artist, designer, and animator from Indiana who, for the first 20 years of my career, worked as an illustrator & graphic designer until the Lord took me in a new direction. In 2011 I had the privilege of working as a production designer on my first film with Kingdom Pictures and realized my true calling was to work in motion pictures. From then on I’ve devoted myself to the pursuit of this calling.

The “other” listed above would be any and all aspects of a motion picture art department from storyboards, to concept art, to poster design, to set & production design, to animation and visual FX. I’ve done acting on live stage but wouldn’t consider myself a professional film actor. I’m attempting to write a screenplay but wouldn’t consider myself a pro. I just really love the visual elements of film making and how those elements can help tell a story.

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