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Meet Benjamin Dane

Age Group: 31 to 40 Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2" City/Town: Dallas/Los Angeles
State: Texas Country: United States

Benjamin Dane is a Actor, Producer. If you'd like to learn more about Benjamin , you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Benjamin attended the High School For Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) where he studied art, not drama. However, after a stint as a vet’s assistant, he promptly switched enrolment to The High School for Health Professions. With an intense love for art and design, he graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Dallas.

It was in Dallas he started working with community theater such as Cornerstone, the Dallas Children’s Theater and was one of the first cast members for “The Promise”. He also appeared in such original dramatic and musical productions as “Snow White”, “Bobby Sox”, C.S. Lewis’ “The Silver Chair”, “Peanut Butter and Tofu on Jewish Rye” and “Eight Days that Changed The World”. Stage ignited a desire for film and broadcast roles.

He made a dynamic first impression with small roles in two highly anticipated projects filmed in Texas – Oliver Stone’s “JFK” and the Emmy Award-winning “Killing in a Small Town” for CBS. A promising start opened opportunities for Ben to tackle leading roles in several independent films – including Brown in the award-winning feature, “Holding On”, Stephen in “Once Blind”, Tyler in “Am I Cursed?” and Hack in “Halftime – The Redemption of a Couch Potato”.

Benjamin also gained recognition with starring roles in television – Adam in “Amazing Love Stories” for ABC Family, the pivotal role of Ethan Allen in a historical docu-drama for The Discovery Channel and a dramatic role in the millennium special, “Is It The End Or Just The Beginning?” for ABC Family and TBN.

In the Best Comedy by New York International Independent Film Festival winner, “Sweet Hideaway”, Ben plays the part of Scotti and in an inventive split screen segment, plays the dual roles of The Angel and Man in Black. Benjamin appeared in the theatrically released and award winning, “Echoes of Innocence”. The film won 9 major festival awards, including a Platinum Remi in Dramatic Film at the WorldFest International Film Festival and Audience Favorite. Benjamin plays young priest, Father Connelly, the voice of compassion in the film. He shifted into producing with “The Significant Other”, a romantic comedy premiering at Cannes, and the more recent, “Beyond The Farthest Star“. He plays strong supporting roles in both films. Although he works in a variety of film/television genres, his faith is important to him and he welcomes the opportunity of working in dynamic projects.



Red on Yella, Kill a Fella (2014),
Second Impression (2014),
Beyond The Farthest Star (2013),
I Am Gabriel (2012),
The Tree of Life (2011),
Lone Star (2011),
Significant Other (2011),
Friday Night Lights (2010),
The Dark Prince (2009),
Still Born (2009),
Junction, Texas (2009),
Big Shot Live (2008),
Breaking News (2008),
Echoes of Innocence (2005),
Sweet Hideaway (2005),

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