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Meet Brenda Jo Reutebuch

Age Group: Over 50+ Gender: Female
Height: 5'6" City/Town: N/A
State: Indiana Country: United States

Brenda Jo Reutebuch is a Actress, Composer, Other. If you'd like to learn more about Brenda Jo, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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Wife, Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Freelance Photographer, Friend, Small Town Girl, Child of God. 😮

In the 1980’s, Brenda Jo attended St. Paul Bible College (SPBC), in Minnesota, for 5 years studying in the Music Education & Church Music programs, always expecting her career to be in the field of music. She had been performing vocal music in public since grade school, and in the 4 years at Logansport High School, she was classically trained in private vocal lessons under Mr. Joseph Huffman. Her vocal training continued at SPBC under the tutelage of Mr. Leland Flickinger.

Brenda has also been a member of a variety of musical groups including SPBC’s Symphonic Band (clarinet) and Concert Choir (1st Sop), “Continental Singers & Orchestra” (1st Sop), “Dove” Contemporary Christian Band (Lead & keyboard) and “Bought & Paid For” Gospel Quartet (alto). She has a near 4 octave vocal range. She is also a member of her church’s local Praise & Worship team.

Although Brenda had acted in plays in high school, music had always been her career goal. However, when those doors seemed to be closed, she turned to a vocation that would pay the bills (USW), until an opportunity to participate in an ARTS Showcase in Chicago, Illinois came up, thanks to Mrs. Kim Myers & Scott Tucker, in 2009. Her dreams of performing were once again rekindled, with a passion. Soon after the Chicago Showcase, Brenda signed with the Helen Wells Agency, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Within the next 2 years, Brenda’s solo music ministry was reborn and many acting opportunities had presented themselves, including Live Theater, Television, Film & Commercials.

It has truly been a blessing from the Lord, alone.




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