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Meet Brian Shoop

Age Group: Over 50+ Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8 1/2" City/Town: Broken Arrow
State: Oklahoma Country: United States

Brian Shoop is a Actor, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Brian, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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Brian was third of four children born to Willard and Alice Shoop near the Ohio shoreline of Lake Erie. His two older brothers followed their father into the oil business, but Brian wandered off into construction. He married his childhood sweetheart and moved her and two boys west to find work in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1980. It was in Tulsa, of all places, that he discovered his love for acting. But by then, he felt obligated to win the bread for his family, so the new career had to wait. Finally, the boys left for college, and he began pursuing his craft full time at 47. Ironically, he landed his first major motion picture role in The Rookie (2002), a story of the oldest rookie in professional baseball.



Home Run – (2013) – Principle – David Boyd, dir
The Only Oly (2012) – Principle – Revo Productions
Suicide (2013) – Lead – Christian Carroll, dir, NYC
A Christmas Snow (2011) – Principle – Trost Moving Pictures
Greyscale (2009) – Principle – Daros Films, Nashville
Find Me (2009) – Principle – Trost Moving Pictures
Pearl (2009) – Principle – Media 13 Productions
Treasure Blind (2008) – Lead – New Song Films
Infamous (2006) – Principle – Warner Bros Studios
Brian Gina and Nick (2005) – Principle – Caliente Prod, NYC
Convicted (2004) – Principle – Bille August: dir
The Deep Below (2003) – Principle – Dreams Beyond
Prize Fighter (2003) – Principle – Mason Productions
Cockfight (2002) – Principle – Dreams Beyond
The Rookie (2002) – Principle – Walt Disney Pictures
Wetonkawa Flash (1999) – Principle – Garer Productions, L.A.
Chillicothe (Sundance 1999) – Principle – Blue Yonder, L.A.
R.I.O.T. – Principle – Stephen Yakes, Nashville
Bio-Kill – Principle – Universal Music & Post

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