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Meet Cathy Foust

Age Group: 41 to 50 Gender: Female
Height: 5'5" City/Town: Johnstown
State: Pennsylvania Country: United States

Cathy Foust is a Actor, Actress. If you'd like to learn more about Cathy, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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Hi, my name is Cathy Jo Foust, I am a Born Again Christian. I was a Law Enforcement Officer for 14 years. Due to an injury in 2008, I am no longer a police officer. I have pursed acting in the early 2000’s. But with the accident, my spiritual journey began.

I was baptized in November of 2012 and totally gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I feel that I am being called to put my self out there for Christian based film, something this world needs.

I have taken acting classes with John Robert Powers in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I was part of Fischer Productions and a Contestant on American Gladiators, (Photo’s on FB) I did a Pert shampoo commercial also. The Journey I am on here, I believe is now the path that God has chosen for me. God Bless…..

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