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Meet Denisa Gokovi

Age Group: 18 to 24 Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6" City/Town: Tirana
State: N/A Country: Albania

Denisa Gokovi is a Actress, Composer, Other, Producer, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Denisa, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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My Profile artistic believes in my professional roles as pianist , composer , philosophical writer , actress , singer , model photo and goodwill ambassador for Albania ! My goal is international success ! I have experienced many artistic roles in several artistic events such as concerts , national and international competitions for piano and in the role as creative in music !

I also won the main role to an international film in India ( Bollywood ) I have realized music for a film in Usa titled ” How to sit in church” and also my role in the movie “Robot girlfriend”.

In 2014 I will publish my first book in a philosophical way to change people’s lives! This book contains a large order in itself! New psychology and objectivity, philosophy sensitive! I would pull and in English for the whole world and in Albanian, for my country!

I expect the year 2104 with some new artistic projects because I am selected to realize the magnificent song for a strong international organization in Indonesia !

I appointed ambassador for culture I will realize,text and music and sing individually! My dream continues to touch with love , power , creativity , talent to Hollywood !

Hometown : Shkoder (Albania )
Location: Tirana ( Abania )
My Passion: Love for others
My Hobbies: Love for yourself



I study piano at age 6 years old! Of course I managed to to evaluate and prices in Albania, also my experience related to various artistic events and my role as a songwriter!

Allegations of money have been harassed by my cultural identity underpin and my courage has described such obvious consequences in the rebellion of new music and style!

Forever will set the scene, street, house, everywhere in every corner of the world to be something new and not temporary or relative! My business happens to me in the same sense of acceptance to lead yourself in any certain part of my art!  I have conducted various collaborations in music studio here in Albania, despite difficult actuality and denial of artistic values​​!  My world is yours and point of the variants has been so true and in the first years to kidnap the success and applause of the public in many concerts in my hometown and all over Albania!



Additional Details

I have argued with my experience working and dignity! Continue to wrestle with a dual effort to bring concrete example in the world!

My dream personality really connects us to leave my footprint in encouraging inspiration for evidence of my work!

My big goal is related to the profession and pasion visible for harassing science in philosophy and art proper system!

My beginning is not inability but intellectual penetration which means belief in itself!
To believe in believing!

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