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Meet Devorah Lynne Dishington

Age Group: 25 to 30 Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7" City/Town: Southern California
State: California Country: United States

Devorah Lynne Dishington is a Actress, Composer, Other, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Devorah Lynne, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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Devorah Lynne Dishington has pretty much been on the road ever since her meager beginnings. Raised mostly in the O. C. ( Orange County, California ), she grew up spending time along the West Coast and Mid – Western parts of the United States of America. Her Golden Brown eyes and Auburn hair belie the truth of her origins, and she calls herself ‘ An American Mutt ’ in the true sense of the words, for her highest percentage is over 1/4 Chickasaw ( her Father was born upon an Oklahoma Chickasaw Reservation ) and more than 3/8 Cherokee ( accumulated from both sides: her Mother’s relative is Chief Sequoia, born: George Gist ) with the rest being a wild, incalculable mix of Dutch, English, French, German, Irish, and Scottish bloodlines, as well as other possible untraceable origins ( which may include the Middle East ). A melting – pot genetic background makes her appearance not wholly distinguishable ( with darker hair, no one knew what language to speak to her when she traveled twice to İstanbul, Türkiye ) and when coupled with her keen ear and true love of languages, allotting her ease to learn patois and absorb accents, allows her to play the WIDEST spectrum of various characters from vastly diverse backgrounds, countries, and ethnicities ( Amazon, English Isle Natives, German, Gypsy, French, Irish, Italian, Native American, Middle Eastern [ throughout the Arabian Peninsula to the Persian Gulf up to Afghanistan ], Scottish, Spanish, Russian, a Fairy, a Vampire, and a Zombie, to mention a few ).

After numerous years, she possesses ample experience working with various Casts; Crews; Directors; Instructors; Film, Music, and Stage Producers; and other professionals throughout the infinite spheres of the Entertainment Industry. Creativity, Movies, Music, and Writing have ALWAYS been of monumental importance through EVERY portion of her life, and she has spent her entire existence creating and learning acting, literature, music, and theatre, intensively studying: Characters, Comedy, Directing, Drama, Film, Improv, On – Camera, Master Classes, Scenes, Stage, and Writing; Music Composing, Performing, Recording, and Theory: Blues, Classical, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Soul. Before she could talk or walk, she frightened her family by ‘ singing ’ with a Scream right before the solo on the Castaways’ “ Liar, Liar ” and, once walking, always stopped mid – step to bounce in time with Credence Clearwater Revival’s “ Down on the Corner ” . . . no wonder she ultimately became an AFM Union Bassist, Keyboardist, and Vocalist; turned Professional at the age of thirteen; dabbles some on Drums and Guitars, and LOVES listening to and performing: 40 – 90s; Blues; Classical and Opera; Folk; Funky Funk; Jazz; Metal; Musical Theatre; New Wave; Pop; Punk; Reggae; Rhythm and Blues; Rock ‘n Roll; Show and Disney Tunes; some Country and Hip Hop; and ‘Soul’ with a CAPITAL ‘S’! She is a proud Electric Bassist with a String Endorsement Contract, Extensive Live & Studio Expertise, & Union Membership, who is also a professional Keyboardist and Pianist with Equipment and Stage and Studio Skills. While at junior college, she took extensive Sound Reinforcement classes and was a few classes away from an Engineer certificate, gaining experience Live and in the Studio running sound for Commencement Services, Classical and Jazz Performances, and Blues, Pop, R&B, and Rock Bands. Previous Band, Room 105, was nominated at the 2003 Orange County Music Awards for Best Blues Band; named one of the Best Fall 2003 Releases by the Orange County Register; worked for over 7 years with the Susan G. Komen Foundation ( Race for the Cure ); and played at various events hosted by the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, San Juan Capistrano Swallows’ Festival, and South Fork Blues Festivals. Current, she performs as a Vocalist in Varying Styles – Live & in the Studio: throughout California, Nevada, and ( 1998 & 2000 ) İstanbul, Türkiye.

However, out of all influences that affected her being, just two words: STAR WARS, have had the MOST significant impact of them all! Yes, STAR WARS was the very first movie that, at around a year and half, she “ still recollects ” seeing, for the experience of the MASSIVE Star Destroyer creeping slowly on screen as it chased the once thought LARGE ship, firing weapons, and causing the rumbling of the whole theatre ‘SO’ forever changed her core!! She knew at that EXACT moment she wanted to be an Actress!! Ultimately, movies like STAR WARS ( Lightsabres ) and The Princess Bride ( AWESOME Choreographed Fights ) led to the discovery of other loves: ♥‘ Swords ’♥, Fencing, and Stage Combat, all which she enjoys immensely at the Orange Coast Fencing Academy, where she learned in 2003 that she is both “ Left AND Right – Handed ” ( Ambidextrous ), was named “ Best Class Volunteer 2004 – 2005 ” and “ Teacher of the Year 2007 & 2008, ” a repeat performance, and has been proudly teaching Foil Fencing to Levels 1 – 3! To boot, she has a deep love for and extensive involvement handling and working with all types of animals, aviation and flying, and due to owning a 20 – foot sailboat, has several years of sailing experience.

For her, Dyslexia takes all joy from reading, so she attends Cold Reading Classes, which assist in better script reading and, thus, auditioning far more effectively, but she points to her Coaches, Cindy Hogan at The A. C. T. I. N. G. Coach and, the now sadly deceased, Ken Garcia, as the catalysts in her growth and refinement as an Actor! Because of her Dyslexia, most people are surprised Devorah actually writes all the time, NEVER ceasing, with countless ideas surfacing NON – STOP: Back Stories, Lyrics and / or Music, Musicals, Novels, One and Two Act Plays, Poems, Scripts, Short . . . Long Stories, Songs, and other uncountable ideas at various levels of thought and vision. Ever a self – motivated, self – starter, she looks to fully utilize a wide array of diverse sounds and voices she ALWAYS creates by exploiting her huge vocal range and varying tonal qualities to add Voiceover Talent to her current list of creative accomplishments as yet another avenue of creative expression. Throughout, she consistently meets all challenges of high priority work and multiple tasks with personal enthusiasm and enjoys a reputation for high integrity, great focus and productive performance, elevated business and personal standards with steadfast dependability, and an easy to work with demeanor.

Oh, wait . . . . and, did we remember to mention she ♥ loves ♥ ♦♦ Swords ♦♦?



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Additional Details

My Entertainment Goals ~ To play the widest spectrum of characters with honesty, intensity, and truth throughout, while ever fully utilizing my creativity and stretching the limits of myself as I improve my Craft!

My Personal Goals ~ To be the best person I can be, while assisting and helping my fellow humans and other kindred, creative souls in attaining our greater good for the betterment of the world and all within it.

Ethnic Ancestry: Dutch, English, French, German, Irish, Native American (Chickasaw and Cherokee), and Scottish (possibly Middle Eastern).

Skills and Talents:
- Ambidextrous, Caring and Genuine Person, Hard Worker, and Quick Study.
- Computer Experience ( Various Programs: Experience and Knowledge ).
- Horse and Domesticated Animal Management Experience ( Care, Handling, Knowledge, and Driving and Riding Both English and Western ).
- Languages Known and Authentically Reproduced Accents:
Keen Talent for Absorbing Accents: Australian; British Cockney, Lower, & Upper Class; Canadian; French; German; Irish; Middle Eastern; New York; Russian; Scottish; Spanish; and United States East, Midwest, & Southern.
Studied German 4 Years, Began Learning Arabic & Persian, & Sang Differing Styles in English, French, German, Italian, Latin, & Spanish.
Working Knowledge of Foreign Language Pronunciations: Arabic, Egyptian, Farsi / Persian, French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.
- Instruments: Professional Level – Electric Bass, Keyboards and Piano, and Vastly Varied Style of Vocals (Classical, Show, Pop, Blues, Rock, R & B); Intermediate Level – Power Chords, Single Note, or Lead Guitar and Time - Keeping Drums.
- Vehicles – Bicycles; Cars and Trucks: Both Automatic and Manual Transmissions; Carts and Coaches: One – Horse and Pony Carts and Carriages; and Ships: Sailing Experience - Ten Years of Ocean Sailing Capability as a Previous Cal – 20 Sailboat Owner and Frequent Sailor.
- Voiceover Talent, Who Creates a Wide Array of Diverse Sounds and Voices by Utilizing a Huge Vocal Range and Varying Tonal Qualities.
- Weapons – Guns: Handguns, Rifles, and Sharp Shooting; Fencing: Right and Left Handed – Foil: Competing Level Six, Orange Coast Fencing Academy, Student Assistant / Class Instructor / Private Tutor: Level 1 – 3, Member: U.S. Fencing Association and Swashbuckler’s Fencing Club, Épée & Sabre: Level One; Stage Combat: Capes, Dialogue, Knives, and Swords; Whips: Bull, Driving, Lunging, and Riding Whips; and Wooden Staff. Strong interest in learning Archery!
- Writer of Numerous One – Act Plays, Poetry and / or Song Lyrics, Varying Length Novels, Scenes, Scripts, Short and Long Stories, and Songs, Both the Words and Music Alone or in Collaboration.

General Interests:
- Animals: Especially Domesticated Animals and Horses.
- Arabic, Indian, and Muslim Cultures: Dancing; Horses; Jewelry; Languages.
- Aviation ( Particularly Military Aviation – Helicopters and Fighter Jets ).
- Collect: Boots, CDs, Model Horses, Star Wars, Tolkien, & Ethnic Jewelry.
- Archeology/Egyptology; Basic Scientific Data; History/Humanities; World Languages; Mythological, Historic, & Sci-Fi Fantasy Writing

Best Attributes:
1. Ambidextrous, Hard Worker, and Quick Study!
2. I enjoy a reputation for high integrity, great focus and productive performance, high business and personal standards, and being a self motivated, self-starter
3. I feel confident my corporate dedication; extensive business, dramatic, film, literary, musical, and stage experience and studies; high-expected standards; and very cooperative nature would complement the success of your current projects
4. I am honestly caring, kind, and sincere, and what you see is what you get with no hidden agendas involved!
5. I am highly creative in many different areas: being an Actress, endorsed Union Bassist, Singer of Opera, Jazz, and R&B, and Writer of scripts and songs.

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