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Meet Erica Elisabeth Erickson

Age Group: 18 to 24 Gender: Female
Height: 5' 3" City/Town: Tempe
State: Arizona Country: United States

Erica Elisabeth Erickson is a Actress, Other. If you'd like to learn more about Erica Elisabeth, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.


As a lifelong performer, Erica is thrilled to be venturing into film and commercials. She started dancing in her crib, continued on to competitive ice skating and has, for the past two years, been and Improv Street Cast at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.



Performing Experience

Jesus Sees  –  Homeless Girl   –  SALT, Scottsdale Bible Church
Out to Eat   –  Mom at Table #4  –  SALT, Scottsdale Bible Church
Finale  –  Group  –  CYT, Gurnee, IL

Barely Balanced   –   Bollywood Dancer   –  Barely Balanced Promotions

AZRF 2012    –    Brigeda Goodwhyting    –   Arizona Renaissance Festival
AZRF 2013 – Natali Frescobaldi, Companion to the Grand Duke  –  Arizona Renaissance Festival

Warm up Wear    –  Rink Side Fashion Show    –  Rink Side Sports, Gurnee, IL
Photo shoot for teen magazine  –  AZRF    –   Apache Junction, AZ



Additional Details

Junior in Humanities and Sciences Academy Tempe, AZ

Ice Skating (competitive for 6 years) - Received accredited coaching, multiple seminars and training clinic both as the student and training subject for coaching, Rink Side Sports, Gurnee, IL

Two consecutive years of Improv Training workshops for cast members of Arizona Renaissance Festival, Tempe, AZ

AMTC Direct LA Hub (2012-2013)
AMTC Instructors: Nathan Brown, JoAnn Smolen, April Baker, Jenn Gotzon

SALT - Student Art and Leadership Training, Scottsdale Bible Church, Scottsdale, AZ
Troy Peterson, Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts Ministry

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