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Meet Isaac Reeb

Age Group: 18 to 24 Gender: Male
Height: 6.0 City/Town: Abingdon
State: Maryland Country: United States

Isaac Reeb is a Actor. If you'd like to learn more about Isaac, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.


Hey, My Name is Isaac Reeb, I’m an Artist wanting to Spread the messages of god through the arts.

Whether is Motion Picture or on the stage, I’ve always loved putting on a great show for the audience. Acting to me is giving something to the audience something they cant get in there everyday lives. Some one who wants to change there life or realizes they don’t want to go down that path by watching the work that I do, is a job well done for me.

I want to give all the glory to God by what I do and I am eager to learn more about this beautiful craft and to change people’s lives by what I do for the better. Thank you and God Bless.




West Side Story – Tony (lead) –  Edgewood Theatre

Guys and Dolls – Sky Masterson (lead) – Edgewood Theatre

Anything Goes – Billy Crocker (lead) -Edgewood Theatre

Hairspray  – Corny Collins (principle character) – Edgewood Theatre

12 Angry Jurors  – Juror# 12 (principle characters) – Edgewood Theatre


Decadence  – Max Grey(Lead) – Donut Guy Productions

Detour   –  Derek (lead) – Donut Guy Productions
Good Fortune  – Tv Host – Donut Guy Productions


Six Flags  –  Tourist/nonspeaking  –  Turnstile Advertising

Keiser University –  Main student/Speaking  –  Hackstone Productions

Video Game Design


Nightmare Next Door –  Lonnie – Sirens Media


Chemistry Class  – Books/ Posters  –  Jon Feingersh Photography

Our stuff my style – Posters/ Magazine –  American Eagle Outfitters

Forman Mills   –  Website – Church Street Studios


Mall of America – Runway – Marley Station Mall

Baltimore Fashion  –  Runway – Fashion Umbrella


UCB Theatre Improv

Drama class –  3 years – Edgewood Theatre

North East Theatre Festival –  3 years – Bel Air Theatre



Fluent in English and Spanish, play electric/acoustic guitar, vocal singing in bass and some tenor, 8 yrs. Volleyball, 4 yrs. Baseball, 4 yrs. Swimming.

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