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Meet James Burgess

Age Group: Select One Gender: Male
Height: N/A City/Town: Dallas
State: Texas Country: United States

James Burgess is a Cinematographer, Other. If you'd like to learn more about James, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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Specializing in dramatic narrative, documentary, high-end corporate image, and the educational genres, Mr. Burgess is able to produce striking and impressive images efficiently and artistically within the constraints of given budgets.

His work has received some of the industry’s most prestigious awards and commendations from such organizations as the International Film and TV festival of New York, INTERCOM, CINE, Parents Choice, International Television and Video Association, Houston International Film Festival, Telly Awards, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, Southern California Motion Picture Council, Dove Foundation and the National Educational Media Network.

He has completed principal photography on several Digital Cinema projects including the features, CRY*, ACE WONDER*, BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR*, PROS & CONS*, HERO*, RISING STARS*, THE POTENTIAL INSIDE*, THE WIDOW’S MIGHT*, PILGRIM’S PROGRESS, ESCAPE FROM HELL, SHADOWLANDS. He also DP’d the concept trailers for LEGENDS OF
THE GAME*, the Tom Vandergriff story and his quest to bring professional baseball to Arlington, TX, the ELEVENTH HOUR project about events leading up to 9.11, and the theatrical shorts, still born.*, produced for the 2009, 168hr Film Project and LIVING WILL, written and directed by Jim Taylor, the author of CITIZEN JANE and ELECTION.

In addition, Mr. Burgess was one of the first to utilize 1080i inside Russia when he began production in 1998, of a documentary on the murdered Russian Orthodox Priest, Aleksandr Men. Other HD projects include special effect shots for the Seattle Seahawks, TV spots for the Seattle Corporate offices of John L. Scott Real Estate and the documentary BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.

His numerous productions have taken him to locations around the world —
Australia, Brazil, China, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Pakistan, Philippine Islands, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Thailand, Uganda and VietNam, as well as many locations in the United States and Canada.

Mr. Burgess has a Bachelor of Science Degree, Cinema, and has performed as Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Producer, Set Designer, Recording Engineer/Mixer, Production Designer and Screenwriter.



Partial List
The Story of David & Goliath, DP and Editor
Free Indeed, Producer, Director, DP and Editor
Wait For Me, Producer, Director, DP and Editor
The Innocent, Producer, Director, DP and Editor
Folktales of Conflict & Peace, Producer, Director, DP and Editor
Folktales of Peace, Producer, Director, DP and Editor
Living Will, Director of Photography
Escape From Hell, Director of Photography, Post Audio
The Treasure Principle [multi-part series] DP, Editor
Pilgrim’s Progress, Director of Photography and Editor
The Potential Inside Director of Photography
still born, Director of Photography and Editor
Rising Stars [2nd unit]
Hero [2nd unit]
Beyond The Farthest Star DP 2nd unit, Editor, Post Prod Supervisor
Ace Wonder, Director of Photography
CRY, Director of Photography

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