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Meet Joshua Campbell

Age Group: 31 to 40 Gender: Male
Height: 5'11" City/Town: Sydney
State: N/A Country: Australia

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I am an ardent dreamer with interest in how I can pursue my passion, and dream. yet to do so while upholding my faith and integrity so that they may be furthered by such pursuit and not diminished. As a passionate believer, I cannot, and will not pursue my dream of acting/singing where it will allow for any compromise, especially in the moral and spiritual aspects.

As one inspired by Kirk Cameron, Keith Green and Steven Curtis Chapman, among others, I have seen how such passions can be lived out without the demoralizing influence of Hollywood having a say. It is such role models of influence that have shown me that my desire to be in movies or music is not an impossibility as a Christian, and therefore it is with such endless and lifelong passion that I press on, in hopes of being possibly involved with opportunities that can make an eternal difference through the avenues I am most drawn to.

With a passion to not only be incorporated in the film means of creative expression, but to do so where inspiration can be the goal, impacting others can be the result, and sharing the reality of Him, whose truth must be prevail so others may be drawn to Him, can be our legacy, I am seeking to connect with others if opportunity allows.

Further, as a husband and father, I have even more motivation and incentive to be astute with how and if I am able to see my dream lived out. I must uphold that which can best honour my wife and give a proper and upright role model to our son. Longing to be a man that my son can look up to, and be inspired by, and to be such a man that can also inspire and build up my wife in her life and faith, I believe that both are possible in living my dream in a way that can be in conjunction with others who have the same vision.

As I seek employment, my desire also is to be able to combine that need with the passions mentioned above, so that I can not only provide for my family, but do so in a way where I am doing what I have always felt ultimately, to be my calling and one that is as much a ministry, as an occupation, if not more so.



Kid’s Bible Club Pageants: Easter and Christmas – Slocan Valley, B.C  –  1986-1989
“Happy Daze”- High School Production, Kaslo, B.C – 1993
“The Brothers Grimm Travelling Musical Medicine Show” – Production with Monkeyshine Community Theatre, Victoria, B.C  – 1995
“The Canadian Kid”- Redeemer University Production, Ancaster, Ontario – 1998

EXTRA WORK:  through LCA Talent Agency, Breslau, Ontario – 1999


“X-Men” – Feature Film   –  Protester in crown scene
“Cheaters”- T.V Movie  –  Student in Gym during Academic Decathalon
“Model Behaviour” – T.V Movie   –  Student at school dance
“A Holiday Romance” – T.V Movie  –  Student at Music assembly
“Who Killed Atlanta’s Children?” – T.V Movie  –  the son of Sean McCann’s character (aka “Echo of Murder”)
“Twice in a Lifetime” (“Second Service”) – T.V Series – Tennis Ball catcher
“The Engagement ring” – T.V Movie   – Crowd member in a small bar scene


University Choir:    University of Victoria, Prima Youth Choir – 1997
High School Choir: Victoria High School – 1995
Singing in above ‘Children’s Theatre’ production, Victoria, BC  – 1995
Demo of three original songs, London, Ontario & Calgary, Alberta – 2010/2011

In Short:     I Sing all the time, beit in an official capacity of not, because I AM a singer.



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