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Meet Karen Francis

Age Group: Select One Gender: Female
Height: N/A City/Town: Cordova
State: Tennessee Country: United States

Karen Francis is a Producer, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Karen, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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Born in Memphis, TN, saved by grace at the age of eight, I have transitioned through several careers including teaching at the high school and college levels, working for data processing and telecommunication companies at the management level, raising a family, being an artist, selling my paintings, and producing cable access TV programs on the arts, and now after writing several screenplays, producing and directing a faith based film called CHRISTMAS RIDE with the help of the people of Covington, TN and the cooperation of Yarbrough Media Production. I lived in the Mclean, VA/DC area from 1976 – 2005, and then returned to the Memphis area.



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“Christmas Ride” feature runtime 108 mins; 2015, Qualified Academy Award Film; 2013 premiere, 2014 week run in Los Angeles County, Academy Award Qualified film 2015.

Karen Francis=Producer, editor, director, author, music selection, social media, websites, and promotions, distribution;   Art Promotions produced w cooperation of Yarbrough Media Productions   As screenplay writer, CHRISTMAS RIDE registered with Library of Congress and Writers Guild of America, Leah Kia, aka Karen Francis/Art Promotions, 2011

“Trailers for Christmas Ride”, online on, 2013 – 2015 producer/editor Art Promotions

“Blind Date”, a short 48HR FILM, 2012 producer/director Art Promotions-ByFaithFilms/Francis

“On the A Train” feature (c) 2010 screenplay writer Art Promotions/not produced yet

“Soul” a short, 2010 co-writer Fuel Film

“Sea Sisters” feature (c) 2003 screenplay writer Art Promotions/dramatic workshop, rev.; not produced yet

“A Fishy Story,” short, 1971 producer, editor college project

“First Take,” a short, 2014 assistant director, Fuel Film


“Heart of the Matter” @ 25 episodes of community programming ’93-’96 aired on FCAC (Channel 10) in Fairfax County, VA. Many episodes now converted to digital from 3/4″ tape. Karen Francis was Producer, and frequently Talent as Host, with her one person company, Art Promotions, as sponsor. Various Directors. All work at FCAC was as a volunteer with all rights to production belonging to the producer.

“Heart of the Matter” #32 Where is Alicia Reynolds?” 27:59   3/28/96 Producer,Talent

“Heart of the Matter” #31 The Chocolate Room at Clark & Co — The Fat Show RT 23:20 Producer

“Heart of the Matter” #30 The Art of Plastic Surgery 23:51 8/18/95 Producer

“Heart of the Matter” #24 Health Care: Business Community’s Role 24:56 Producer

“Heart of the Matter” #23 House of Ruth S.O.M.E. ‘Hearts That Care’ [VRI] 12/8/94 25:51 Producer/Host

“Heart of the Matter” #22a Serial Offenders and the FBI 10/20/94 27:01 Producer/Host

“Heart of the Matter” #22 American Indian Heritage Foun. [VRI]11/17/94 27:59 Producer/Talent

“Heart of the Matter” #21 Art of Karate–4/28/94 25:52 Producer/Talent   Dir:A. Billings

“Heart of the Matter” #20 Fairfax County Supervisor, Ernie Berger 4/14//94 28:38 Producer

“Heart of the Matter” #19 Writings from the Heart 3/17/94 27:36 Producer/Talent Dir:Marty Kaplan

“Heart of the Matter” #18 Clark & Co/MOCA– 3/10/94 27:44 Producer/Talent Dir: Eliz McGlohn

“Heart of the Matter” #17 Persian Gulf & American Interests”–3/4/94 26:48 Producer Art Promotions

“Heart of the Matter” #16 Runners’ Safety w Henley Gibble, RRCOA [VRI] 27:50   Producer/K. Francis

“Heart of the Matter” #15 Art Council Controversy w Jaffe, Barbieri, Boshart 2/17/94 28:00 Producer/Host Dir: Carl Price

“Heart of the Matter” #14 Timothy Makepeace, Sculptor–2/10/94 24:55 mins Producer/Talent Dir:Marty Kaplan

“Heart of the Matter” #10 Russian & American Artists– 12/16/93 27 mins Producer/Talent Art Dir: Marty Kaplan

“Heart of the Matter” #9   Ambassador Robinson–11/4/93 27:30 Producer/Talent Dir:Marty Kaplan

“Heart of the Matter” #8   Oda KOAN, Sullivan COSSMHO–10/28/93 28:00 Producer/Talent Dir: Alicia Billings

“Heart of the Matter” #7   An Exploration of Creativity –10/21/93 27:58 Producer/Talent FCAC/A. Billings, C. Price

“Heart of the Matter” #6 Chance of a Lifetime: Special on Marrow Transplants 59:10 Producer/Talent Dir: Kaplan

“Heart of the Matter” #5 All That Jazz   28:11 Producer 3/4″ t Producer, Editor

“Heart of the Matter” #4 Domestic Health Care Reform”(CURE) –3/18/93 57:40 Producer FCAC

“Heart of the Matter” #3 Galleries 1054– 3/19/93 58 mins Producer/F. Director Art Promotions/Marty Kaplan

“Valentine for the Earth” 2/14/93 27:58 Producer/Talent, Editing Art Promotions/Marty Kaplan

“Vibrations”                    1/24/93 46 mins Producer Art Promotions/Dir: Marty Kaplan

“Art on the Line” Painter: Kevin MacDonald   91/1992 25:57 min  Producer/Talent   FCAC/Marty Kaplan

+PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) on Leukemia, HIV, Hospice, etc., 1 min and less each, FCAC Producer Art Promotions

“Metropolitan Magazine” twenty-five weekly episodes ’89-93 aired at FCAC Merrifield, VA Co-Producer & Art for Set & various   FCAC/Marty Kaplan


Twain’s Apple Tree, Three One Acts @ Whitehaven High School @ 1972 Director/Teacher Speech Dept/Karen Taylor [now Karen Francis]

George Orwell’s 1984, in 1971 Whitehaven H.S. Director/Teacher Speech Dept/Karen Taylor

Dilemma, Clough Hall, 1971 Actress Rhodes (aka Southwestern At Memphis)/Ray Hill

Year of the Gun, Temp McCoy Theater, @1 969/70 Director   Rhodes/K. Francis

No Exit, Rhodes on Palmer Hall Stage, @ 1969/70 Estelle/Actor Rhodes/Ray Hill

Diary of Anne Frank, KHS 1967-68 Anne/Actress KHS Speech Dept/Stell

April Fool, KHS, 1968 Student Director KHS Speech Dept.


“Roses for Rose” country song, 2005 Producer/Songwriter Karen Francis

“Green Tea Blues” 2004 Producer/Songwriter Karen Francis

Selections of music for numerous online productions and the film CHRISTMAS RIDE


“Valentine for the Earth” 2/14/93 27:58 Producer/Talent, Voice Over, Editing Art Promotions/Kaplan


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