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Meet Michael Patterson

Age Group: 31 to 40 Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11" City/Town: Woodbridge
State: Virginia Country: United States

Michael Patterson is a Actor. If you'd like to learn more about Michael , you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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I started acting seriously since the age of 12 in community theatre. I’ve always had a passion for acting since the age of 5 actually. I am a Christ centered actor who not only enjoys the craft/talent of being an actor but also using my gifts as a stage for presenting the Lord Jesus Christ to all who need Him to be saved. It’s my ultimate goal to first minister through my talents just so that God gets all the glory.



Dragonuk Actor Page

Cheryl Felicia Rhoads Actor site – › 2011-2015 Adult Students




Recursion (2014) Extra/family friend Curt Csolak


Bound & Gagged (2012 – Present) Lead/Chase Alexander Shannon Whren Productions/Shannon Whren
Raptured (2013) Military Commander (NWO) Steven Sowell
Love Changes Everything (2012) Lead/Kenny 25M Productions Inc./Rosie Rogers
Make Room for Love (1998 – 2012) Supporting/Deacon Little John 25M Productions Inc./Rosie Rogers
Ugly Baby (2012) Supporting/Jeremiah 25M Productions Inc./Rosie Rogers
Justice For All (2012) Supporting/Peter 25M Productions Inc./Rosie Rogers
A Change Is Gonna Come (2008) Supporting/Defense Attorney Soaring Productions/Vickie Evans
Life and Passion of Christ (2007) Lead/Jesus Christ New Life Annointed Ministries/Kathleen Austin
Christmas Unwrapped (2006) Lead/Brian Johnson Deborah Franklin
He Came, He Conquered, He Reigns (2005) Lead/ John the Baptist, TV Cameraman Deborah Franklin
Go Tell It! (2005) Supporting/Demon Deborah Franklin
Didn’t He Tell You? (2003) Lead/Greg Deborah Franklin
Mama’s Place (2000) Supporting/Thug  Pat Bryant

Additional Details

Special Skills: Acting (theatre and film), modeling, voice over, martial artist (shaolin wushu kung fu, capoeira, jeet kune do, tae kwon do, ), track & field (hurdler, sprinter, long jump), stage combat,gospel/R&B vocalist, quarterback/receiver/punt returner/kick returner, freestyle beat boxer, fraternity stepper, freestyle rapping, high school thespian, screen writer, stage writer, piano, congos, martial arts weaponry, computer networking, technologist, Microsoft/Citrix certified, gymnastics, swimming, diving, personal training and most importantly a Christian father

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