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Meet Mike Parker

Age Group: Over 50+ Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0" City/Town: Nashville
State: Tennessee Country: United States

Mike Parker is a Actor, Director, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Mike, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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Mike Parker is a writer, actor, director & playwright. A BA degree in Bible and Philosophy, a stint as an officer with the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets), a career as a stock broker during the great bull market of the eighties, and an entrepreneurial plunge into the uncertain world of television syndication have all combined to give him a unique outlook on the world. Blessed (or cursed) with an insatiable curiosity he is voracious reader, questioner, ponderer.

1993 brought Mike from Texas to Nashville, TN where he, along with his playwright wife, Paula, helped establish Carpenter’s Playhouse, a local community theatre. With the creative juices flowing from the theatre and the proximity of both the music & publishing industries, Mike turned his attention to his old flame, writing. His efforts have paid off as more than 1000 of his articles, celebrity profiles, CD, book & theater reviews, and poetry have been published by such national periodicals. He has authored three successfully produced stage plays including: “Fail-Safe: the stage play,” “Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray,” and “Mark Twain Presents: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” and he is currently working on a musical adaptation of “The Count of Monte Cristo.” He is a contributing author to the book, “Stories From A Soldier’s Heart,” (Multnomah) with Alice Gray, has provided commentary for the popular Bible-zine, “Real” (Thomas Nelson) and co-authored the non-fiction book, “Shameless Self Promotion and Networking for Christian Creatives.” “The Scavengers” (WordCrafts Press) is his first novel.

He created and hosted the nationally syndicated Christian music video show, “NightVision” in the early 1990’s, and served as producer and host for the award-winning music variety show, “Saltracks” on the ACTS Television Network. He scripted more than 100 episodes of JC-TV’s popular music video programs, “TX-10,” “XVZ” and “Rewind.” More recently he created and serves as managing editor for the online entertainment magazine,, and is the National Entertainment Examiner for

He serves on the board of Middle Tennessee’s premier community theatre, Springhouse Theatre Company. As a professional actor he has appeared in such films as Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw, Lukewarm opposite Bill Cobbs and Season of Miracles with John Schneider.

When he is not writing (or thinking about writing) he enjoys hanging out with his beautiful wife, Paula, their five adult children, and three goofy dogs.



Redemption – Clark – Willing Hearts Productions
Redemption of the Commons – Retiree – Field of View
Season of Miracles – Lonnie Malcomb – Elevating Entertainment
Lukewarm – Harry – All Entertainment
Country Strong – Camera Man –  Screen Gems
Two Birds, One Stone –  Lansky – Scratch 24 Productions
Vendor Appreciation – Short Order Cook – Nissan North America
Missions Outreach  –  Pastor  –  LifeWay Resources
Gideons  –  Grandfather  –  Gideons International

“Nashville”  –  Old School Producer  –  ABC Television
“Slavery By Another Name” –   John Pace  –  Twin Cities Public Television
“Outlaw Country” –   County Fair Fan  –  FX Network
NightVision –   Host  –  Saltmine Entertainment
Saltracks – Host – Saltmine Entertainment

Workers Comp – Injured Man – Whitehardt Advertising
Game Time Wings – Wings Fan – Krystal’s
Not For Sale – Seller – US Armed Forces
Cuppajoe – Boss – MinuteMart

Music Video/Theatre
“Getting Back Up”/Morgan Tobias – Stan –  All Entertainment
“Chances Are”/Garrett Hedlund – Houston Fan – Screen Gems
“When the Smoke Clears”/Due West – Bar Patron – Black River Entertainment
“When You’re Young”/3 Doors Down – Businessman – Universal Republic Records
To Kill A Mockingbird – Director – Lamplighter’s Theatre
The Andersonville Trial – Gen. Lew Wallace – Lab Rats Theatre
12 Angry Men – Juror 3 – Lamplighter’s Theatre
The Mousetrap – Major Metcalf – Lamplighter’s Theatre
The Crucible – Judge Danforth – Lamplighter’s Theatre
Everyman – Everyman  – Lamplighter’s Theatre
The Singer – Blind Man – Carpenter’s Playhouse
Skin of Our Teeth –  George Antrobus  –  Van Ellis Theatre
Sherlock Holmes  –  James Larabee  –  Van Ellis Theatre



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