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Meet Paul Sumares

Age Group: Select One Gender: Male
Height: N/A City/Town: Hollister
State: California Country: United States

Paul Sumares is a Composer. If you'd like to learn more about Paul, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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Paul studied classical piano for 18 years, beginning at the age of 7. From age 20 to 25 he was a pupil of the great master, Adolph Baller, and was considered by him to be among his top students. Paul received a B.A. in Jazz Piano Performance from San Jose State University, studying under George Cables, Tom Coster (former keyboard player for Carlos Santana) and film industry veteran, Dan Wyman.

Paul spent several years working in his home studio on various pop song writing and arranging projects, and in that time scored the music for several short student films, including an early animation work called “My Dog Zero” by Joe Murray (who would go on to produce “Rocko’s Modern Life” and the Emmy Award winning “Camp Lazlo” series). More than one of the student films earned multiple awards at various national and international film festivals.

After taking a decade off to begin a family, working in the Silicon Valley computer industry as a software engineer, Paul returned to song-writing, arranging, and now film scoring. He is currently working with several up-and-coming classical-crossover artists, looking to create songs with the right sound for their albums, and has already licensed a co-written song to the parents of classical-crossover sensation, Jackie Evancho.

His natural ability for capturing a storyline in music has been praised by L.A. composer, Jeff Beal, and notable video game composer, Tim Larkin, and he is poised to bring a sparkling, mature new voice to the world of filmmaking and film and game music in particular.

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