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Meet Pola Muzyka

Age Group: Over 50+ Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8" City/Town: Waleska
State: Georgia Country: United States

Pola Muzyka is a Actress, Director, Other, Producer, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Pola , you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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Pola Muzyka is a multidisciplinary artist and author who began her career as a dramatic actress, having worked in both starring and feature roles in Hollywood-based motion pictures. She has showcased her visual art in many galleries and has hosted several Television shows. Although she has traveled and lived all over the world, Pola was raised on a sheep farm and continues to enjoy country living. Her passion lies in her relationship with Jesus Christ and writing Stronghold Smasher Suspense—Where faith and hope shines a light on evil. She is the founder of the internet based, Christian Media Alliance. Subsequently, she has toured India as a media missionary, teaching drama and the use of media in evangelizing. She has also produced documentary films helping pastors in various countries.

Pola is an accomplished award-winning TV, commercial and corporate writer as well as award winning author. She has a flair for dramatic writing and in the 1980s she wrote part of a script for film director Federico Fellini. She researched and translated work for four-time Academy Award-winner Danilo Donati, who deemed her work “the most extensive research ever done on a film.” Her debut novel, Escape the Hezbollah, combined her talent for research and dramatic writing. This book won the CSP Book of the Year Award for Fiction.

Her upcoming releases: Abducted to Kill— the rewrite and revised double novel is taken from Escape the Hezbollah and includes exciting additions not found in the original work. They are presented in two volumes; Volume I, Terror Regime and Volume II, Sleeper Cells.

Abducted to Kill is now in pre-production as a movie. Keep up with us at CFDb for details on Abducted to Kill, set for theatrical release in 2014.

The Freedom Inside, available as an ebook—is the sequel to Abducted to Kill and is also being released in two volumes; Volume I, Delicate Cargo, and Volume II, Sober Vigilance.

Pola studied theater arts at Melrose Theater for 8 years, with classes from Paul Kent, Stella Adler & Lee Strasberg. She studied art at Pierce college and Sara Lawrence college. She studied art and science at UCLA, CA.; public speaking at Dale Carnegie, New York City; writing at The International Film & Television workshop in Maine; and she interned at CineMedia West in CA, and MEGCOMM
Studios in Wilkes-Barre, PA.



ACTRESS (feature & starring roles under stagename of Paula Mitchell):,

1. Goodnight Sweet Marilyn (1989) – Cynthia Dir. Larry Buchanan,
2. Caligola (1979) – Subura Singer Dir. Tinto Brass – aka “Caligula” – USA,
3. The Boob Tube Strikes Again! (1977) – Louise Dir. Lee Frost,
4. Goodbye, Norma Jean (1976) – Cynthia Palmer Dir. Larry Buchanan,
5. The Mad Bomber (1973) – Shelly Hamilton Dir. Bert I. Gordon,
6. Blue Money (1972) – Louise Dir. Alain Patrick,
7. The Love Machine (1971) – Susan Rider (supporting role) Dir. Jack Haley Jr.,
8. Point of Terror (1971) – Sally (Starring Role) Dir. Alex Nicol,
9. The Low Price of Fame (1970) with Gardner McKay Dir. Jerry Schafer – (role of Rory Calhoun’s Girlfriend),
10. “Bonanza” – Melody (1 episode, 1970) Dir. Herschel Daugherty – aka “Ponderosa” – USA (rerun title) – The Big Jackpot (1970) TV episode …. Lead Role – Played as Melody (David Cannery’s Girlfriend),

COMMERCIALS/INDUSTRIALS/DOCUMENTARIES – Actress; spokesperson; model; narrator; or VOs:,

Encyclopedia Britannica; CBS Films; Amsterdam Productions; Mobile Oil; Atlas Powder Company; Commercials for W-B Chamber of Commerce; AventisPasteur – SanofiPasteur; Newberry Estates; McDonald’s; Ivory Spring; PNC Bank; Ivory Liquid and more.,


1. Host of Your Best Years Yet; 2008-Present, Host of Prom Night TV Special 1986, Host of Contemporary Woman TV Show 1984 (MEGCOMM Productions),
2. La Città Delle Donne (1980) (researcher/writer) Director: Federico Fellini
– aka “City of Women”,
3. Catherine the Great 1980-1982 (researcher) Penthouse Films (Bob Guccione),


Actress and/or director of numerous off Broadway productions including award winning actress for “The Water Engine” Chappaqua Drama Group, NY 1981, 8 years with the Melrose Theater in Los Angeles; Paul Kent, director.,

Modeling for clothing manufacturer-Serena Swimwear; Periodicals-Harpers and Vogue and USA Dodge Girl Model 1969-1970 – SAG and AFTRA



Additional Details

IMDb does not include some of the films I was featured in, and it erroneously lists films I was not, and could never have been, involved with as researcher and otherwise.

Up to date and precise infomation is listed here. The corrected information on my work as actress, producer, director an researcher will continue be found here in the CFDb.

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