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Meet Pruitt Allen

Age Group: 41 to 50 Gender: Male
Height: 6'2" City/Town: Alexandria
State: Virginia Country: United States

Pruitt Allen is a Cinematographer, Other, Producer. If you'd like to learn more about Pruitt, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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After years as a successful computer salesperson and non-profit manager, I began a career in film and video production in 2002. Beginning as a PA and grip, I quickly moved into lighting, becoming a gaffer and lighting designer, doing some field audio along the way. Eventually I began operating second camera, then first camera, and now I’m a Director of Photography and producer.

I’ve shot with HDSLRs, Sony HD and pro cameras, and the Red MX and Epics, along with most of the other typical production cameras in use. i own a Sony EX-1 and a Canon 5D Mk. 3 along with a good indie-film lighting and grip kit and a basic field audio kit.

I was given the opportunity to line/field/assistant produce a wide range of projects, and now I produce for clients, on my own and with the help of my co-producers at Shotgun Shakespeare. I’m also a principal at Bottom of the Barrel Productions, an award-winning local narrative film group that shoots short films as a repertory company of sorts.

My goals are simple and straightforward — to keep shooting and producing (and occasionally directing) interesting, challenging and fun projects until I keel over one day a long time from now, preferably while standing behind a camera.

Specialties: High-definition and standard-definition video camera operation, story crafting, shot and scene structure, script writing, script doctoring, client interaction, marketing consulting, message creation, message enhancement, message delivery



“Abound” (short film for the 168 Hour Film project) as Line Producer,
“Rabbit Trap” (short film) as Director,
“Settled” (short film for the 168 Hour Film Project) as Camera Operator and Gaffer,
“Come What May” (feature film, Advent Film Group) as Director of Photography,
“Bright Lights and Promises” (feature film, Sail Away Productions) as Director of Photography,
“Be A Guardian Angel” (PSA, City Gates and Gospel XPress) as Co-Director,
“A Year In the Life of Gonzaga College High School” (documentary),
“Trespasses” (documentary, Shotgun Shakespeare) as producer/director,
“Wikimania 2012” (corporate interviews) as Director of Photography,
“Nat’l Org. of Rare Diseases” (NGO interviews) as Director of Photography



Additional Details

Please note that I'm also a professional stills photographer, and my on-set experience makes me an excellent choice for set photography.

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