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Meet Rick Shaw

Age Group: Over 50+ Gender: Male
Height: 6 1 City/Town: Gladwin
State: Michigan Country: United States

Rick Shaw is a Other. If you'd like to learn more about Rick, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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My name is Rick Shaw. I’ve been in the movie business since the 1980’s and have worked in every facet of stunts, from coordinating to performing. With a degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio State University, I am also highly qualified to design and build the machinery necessary to perform most any stunt your production requires.

In addition to my vast history as a stuntman, I have extensive experience in the field of pyrotechnics. All of the explosions in the attached video (link provided below) were wired by me. As a mechanical engineer, I adapt to things very quickly. On April 28th and 29th, I received my license to drive formula racing cars. I also have a chauffeurs license.

Protecting the production company and the stunt performer has always been my number one goal, and I have the track record to prove it.

I look forward to discussing your next film project with you.


  • The Reliant
  • Thanatophobia
  • We’re Doing Fine
  • Andy’s Rainbow
  • Beautiful Prison
  • Beyond the Mask
  • Ragamuffin
  • Undaunted…
  • The Early Life of Josh McDowell

These are a few of the films I have worked on. I also have done television and commercials over the years.

Additional Details

I am a stunt coordinator and stunt performer, I also have a degree in mechanical engineering. If you can create it I can bring it to life.

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