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Meet Santiago Cirilo

Age Group: 31 to 40 Gender: Male
Height: 5"11 City/Town: Chapmansboro
State: Tennessee Country: United States

Santiago Cirilo is a Actor, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Santiago, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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Santiago Cirilo was born April of 1973 in Puerto Rico, He is No#6 of seven children to Hector and Maria Cirilo both originally from Puerto Rico. Santiago lived in both Ohio and Puerto Rico at a young age. Growing up in Lorain, Ohio was a big challenge for Santiago. Being bilingual and adapting to America culture was just the easy task, growing up with 5 brothers, 1 sister, in a 2 bedroom duplex was the hard task. During his teenage years to adult hood Santiago always had the passion for the entertainment business, but never had that push to precede it. Santiago was involved in numerous high school Dramatic Arts Programs hosted and coordinated events. You just couldn’t get him off stage or away from any type of camera. After college Santiago enlisted in the United States Army Infantry. For 6 years Santiago lead missions all over the United States and Over Seas. Santiago’s dedication to America has earned him numerous achievement awards and metals to add leading missions for USA Special Ops, Marine Recon, and Navy Seals. Once Santiago’s military term was up, he was hired at Gibson Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee. In less than 1 year Santiago moved up in ranks from a level 1 sander to being personally responsible and only builder for Chet Akins guitars and guitars for “A” List artists to include Kid Rock, Lenny Kravitz, Keith Urban and Toby Keith. During his time at Gibson, Santiago followed his heart and faith, and started going back to school for a Paralegal & Performing Arts Degree. Working 8 plus hours and going to school at night and weekends, gave Santiago the dedication and Drive to be successful in both professions.



Ashes to Ashes  – Brad , Police Officer – Wynn Reichert, Ken Garner Film
Incandescence – Jason Jones/JJ,   – Flicker Films, George Dimick
Country Strong – Photographer – Mcquire Ent.,Shana Feste
Under Lock & Key  – Emilio   – Jeni Westrup
Dead Start  –   Zombie/ John  –  Flicker Films,George Dimick
True Riches  – Capone –  BEM Film, James Thomas

Sin & Secrets  – Allen Andrade –  I Discovery l/Jeff Woods
Snapped – Richard Gutierez/Hit Man  – Oxygen Network/Jupiter Ent.
700 Club  –  John Martinez  – FOX TV Network, CBN
Wild Card  –  Rodriguez – USA Network/ Stephen Godchaux
Memphis Beat – Manuel – TNT Network, Clark Johnson
Americas Most Wanted – Ramon/Fugitive – FOX & Lifetime Network, Cindy Miller
Sunday Dinner Pilot – Jose Diaz – Omni/Brian E Taylor

I-Touch Pad  –  Brooks, Police Officer – Taillight TV, Leah Harmon
Dollar General  – Father/Lead   – Running 4 Cover Prod
US Navy – Soldier/Lead   –  Film House, Nashville Tn
Krystal – Customer/Lead – Taillight, Peter Zavadil
Cent Wireless   –   Customer/Lead   –  Nashville Tn
Armarillo Bank  –  Bank Manager/Lead  – CJ Adverstising
Ron Bell Attorney   –  Accident Victim/Lead   –  CJ Adverstising
Shoney  – Waiter/Lead  –  Nashville, Tn
Tennessee Lottery  – Factory Worker – GSF Advertising

Of Mice and Men –  Lenny   –  Southview Productions, Lorain Ohio
West Side Story –  Chino  –  Southview Productions, Lorain Ohio

Dollar General  –   Model – Dollar General Corp
Rooter Rooter  –   Employee  – Rooter Rooter/ Danny Kuchta
Freeze Model – Model  –  MTM, Sherry Rhine
USA Air  –  Repair Man   –  Memphis, TN

Voice Off   – Guest Judge – Nashville & Knoxville, Tennessee
Summer Fest  –  Mcee/Host –  Ashland City TN
Concert for Flood Victims – Host – Cheatham County
Talent Show  –  Host  –   Lorain Ohio

LifeWay VBS    –   Kirk McKirckland  –  Life Way Studios
Strategic Solutions   –  Dr. Jose Cabrano    –    Limpscomb Univ.,John Lowrly
Gideon Bible   –  Minister  –  Gideons Inc, Nashville Tn
Strategic Resolution  – Office Manager  –  GSF Advertising

National Print  for Magazines, and Advertisement Ads

Music Videos
John Rich  –  Factory Worker  –  Warner Brothers
Gretchen Wilson – Band Mate’s Friend  – Warner Brothers Records
Life Way   –  Christian   –  Life Way, Nashville Tn

Performance Skills:
Comedian, Dancing, Improvisation, Host, Voice over

Athletic Skills:
Martial Arts,Boxing, Soccer, Baseball, Swimming, Basketball, Football, Golf
Accents: Southern, Middle Eastern, Spanish
Spoken Languages: Fluent in Spanish and English
Musical Instruments: Trombone

Disco, Hip Hop, Modern, Salsa, Break, Club/Freestyle

Kris Kyer, Los Angeles, California, 2008   On Camera Refresh Course
John Casablancas Model & Talent,           Brentwood, Tennessee, 2008

Job Categories: Acting
Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
Authorized to work in United States: Yes
Primary Citizenship: United States
Valid Passport: Yes

Additional Details

United States Infantry Veteran turned Actor & Christian Scriptwriter

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