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Meet Sarah Johannesen

Age Group: 18-24 Gender: Female
Height: 5' 1" City/Town: Houston
State: Texas Country: United States

Sarah Johannesen is a Actress. If you'd like to learn more about Sarah, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.


From a young age, Sarah was involved in theatre. However, as a sophomore, she felt God calling her to pursue film. Since then, she has been in multiple short films and was an intern at the Gideon Film Festival.




Gideon Film Festival Promo  –  Sarah/lead    –  Andrew Faggion
Friendship Club  –  Jamie/lead – Eric Martin
It’s Not About Me  –  Featured Student  – Sondra Hicks
Then There Was None – Lily/lead – Lauren Hamm


On The Town  –  Featured Dancer/Flirty Girl/Tap Dancer  –  Second Baptist School Houston, TX
Our Town –   Lady in the Choir/Funeral Attendee  –  Second Baptist School Houston, TX
Willy Wonka The Musical   – Grandma Josephine –   A.D. Players Houston, TX
Camp Rock  –  Featured Dancer  –  Theatre Under The Stars Houston, TX
Pygmalion –  Eliza Doolittle  –  First Baptist Academy Houston, TX
Get Smart –   Princess Ingrid  –  First Baptist Academy Houston, TX



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