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Meet Shirley Tregre

Age Group: Select One Gender: Female
Height: N/A City/Town: Denham Springs
State: Louisiana Country: United States

Shirley Tregre is a Actor, Actress, Other. If you'd like to learn more about Shirley, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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I am a principal actress and a professional voice over. If you would like a good asset to your movie then you have come to the right actress. I love to perform. I live in Denham Springs, LA but I am willing to travel. I have an Associate degree and a Doctor of Divinity. My portfolio has films, commercials, and tv series that I have performed in. I am a principal actress and a professional voice over.



Making the Grade(SAG)—-Star Role (Mother)–Rising River Productions/Veleka Gray

Voice On The Phone—-Star Role (Cashier)–Fresh Wave Productions/Adam Schubert

Cabin Fever “The Movie”—-Principal (Lillybelle)—- Director/Ed Holub

Audubon Dark—-Feature Extra (Victim) Credit—-Director/Lily Filson

The Butler—-Feature Extra (Mob Person)—-Laura Ziskin Productions/Lee Daniels

White Rabbit—-Feature Extra (Teacher/Congregation)    White Rabbit—-Productions/Tim McCann

Raging Cajun Redneck Gators—-Feature Extra (Cajun Doucette Clan)—-Active Entertainment/Stephen Furst

Bad Country—-Extra (Dining Patron)—-ANA Media/Chris Brinker

Untitled Detective Project—-Extra (Church Patron)—-Anonymous Content/Cary Fukunaga

Search Party—-Extra (Wedding Guest)—-Universal Pictures/Scot Armstrong

Aztec Warrior—-Extra (Dining Patron)—-Grupo Televisa, Lionsgate, Pantelion Films/Scott Sanders

Angry Little God—-Extra (Retirement Dining Patron)—-Little Magic Films, Automatik Entertainment, IM Global/Daniel Stamm



Additional Details

Auditioning, Production, SAG Movie----Veleka Gray----Baton Rouge

Voice Over----Stephen James----Baton Rouge

Voice Coaching----Stephen James----Baton Rouge

Swine Palace----Barry Kyle----Baton Rouge

Theatre Classes----LSU----Baton Rouge

National Voice-over Seminar----Stephen James/Bettye Zoller----New Orleans

Auditioning Techniques----Jerry Katz----Baton Rouge

Commercials----Lance Nichols----New Orleans

Acting Workshop----Dr. Rick Landry----New Orleans

Video Auditioning Workshop----Teri Begin----Baton Rouge

Audition Techniques----Christian Stokes----Baton Rouge

John Robert Powers Performing Academy----New Orleans

Doctor of Divinity ٭ Pastor ٭ Fishing ٭ Photography ٭ Public Speaking and Seminars ٭ licensed driver ٭ swing dancing ٭ 2 step dancing ٭ Safety Coordinator٭First Responder Captain ٭ Cajun dialect٭

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