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Meet Susan Reed-Strowhorn

Age Group: 41 to 50 Gender: Female
Height: 5'7" City/Town: Chicago
State: Illinois Country: United States

Susan Reed-Strowhorn is a Actress, Casting, Director, Producer, Writer. If you'd like to learn more about Susan, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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The Midwest Christian-Inspirational Indie Film Festival was established to bring Christian and Inspirational films to the Midwest from all over the country and abroad to be screened and premiered to an audience excited about this genre of creative work. The dream became a reality in September 2011.

An abundance of FAITH, PRAYER and HARD WORK from founder Susan Strowhorn and partner Dion Strowhorn Sr. proved this event, held in Chicago would be much appreciated and very welcomed! Susan set her goals on doing this festival in Excellence, as only GOD would want.

She credits her zest for life and deep spiritual roots to her awesome family and very SPIRITED mother-Emily, who gave her an early foundation on the magnitude of what GOD can do, if you just simply ask!!

Susan attends Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana, where the message of creative Kingdom Building is evident through the leadership of Pastors Steve & Melodye Munsey.

Susan has always enjoyed the spotlight and the entertainment industry from quite an early age. She enjoys filmmaking and all the aspects of it. She studied film and acting during her college years at Columbia College in Chicago. She knew then that GOD had big plans for her, but just didn’t know what they were. She established 9x18ProductionS in 2009, an independent production company with Dion, to create a foundation of positive, uplifting, inspirational independent films that could be relative to anyone’s daily
life situation.

Susan sees this film festival as a refreshing change to what Chicago has to offer in the film industry. This year Susan has moved forward with having MCIIFF Incorporated. This awesome event is now a not-for-profit, charitable organization. Through fund-raising efforts, MCIIFF will provide scholarship opportunities and other benefits to a community of filmmakers wishing to create Christian-Inspirational film, video, animated stories, web-series and documentaries. She’d love for you to take time from your busy schedule to
join us in Chicago for an unforgettable Film Festival experience like no other.

“My hope is that the world be forever changed by what we say, see, hear and do creatively, through positive, uplifting, faith-filled visionaries, to further GOD’s Kingdom!”

Peace, Love & Blessings!! xoxo

Susan R. Strowhorn~

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