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Meet Susan Silvestri

Age Group: 41 to 50 Gender: Female
Height: 5'5" City/Town: North Hollywood
State: California Country: United States

Susan Silvestri is a Actress, Other, Producer. If you'd like to learn more about Susan, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.

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Susan Silvestri has been involved in Christian art for the past 30 years – telling the stories of God’s heart through film, television and stage, as an actor, dancer, choreographer, producer and writer.

She was raised in Chicago where she had a life changing experience through Young Life and grew in a church called Willow Creek Community involving the dramatic arts. She graduated from NIU in Theatre/Dance and Journalism while competing on the gymnastics team. She moved to Southern California after graduating to work with Athletes In Action (Campus Crusade) Gymnastics before starting her own gym called New Hope Academy of Gymnastics where she coached Olympic level gymnasts and produced major shows.

During that time,  she also danced and acted in numerous companies and stage productions, including Christian productions such as The Glory of Christmas at The Crystal Cathedral, Declare His Glory with Bill and Gloria Gaither and The Joy of Christmas at The Dream Center. She has acted in many faith-based films and videos from Townsend and Cloud’s Boundaries to her favorite role of playing Mary The Mother of Jesus in The Easter Experience which still airs each week on TV. She has performed in three original comedies in the past few years including the one she is currently in called “What’s So Funny”. (“Laughter is good medicine” Prov. 17:22). She has been involved in various Christian Film Festivals such as Parable and New-Media Festival and numerous 168 films including the award winning Guide Me Home which she produced, choreographed and danced in.

She has also used her dance and acting skills to do mission work throughout the world including Africa and India. She is blessed with two beautiful, talented children who are also involved in the film industry.  She loves using art to express God’s heart.


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