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Meet Tara Fallier

Age Group: 25 to 30 Gender: Female
Height: 4' 11" City/Town: N/A
State: N/A Country: N/A

Tara Fallier is a Actress. If you'd like to learn more about Tara, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films she is mentioned in.


Tara Fallier is a young lady who aspires to become a professional actress in the film industry.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a  major in Theatre; having an acting emphasis.

She was born in India and by the grace of God was brought to the United States just shy of 11 months old.  She loves God and loves to act, and would love to act in Christian films for Him!

Having been abandoned by her birth mother, and the Lord sparing her life, and bringing her to the U.S., she feels as though He has something important for her to do.   All she asking is for someone to give her a chance, then God will take care of the rest.

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She has participated in 4 musicals and 1 play in high school

She has participated in 1 musical and 1 play in college

The classes that she took at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College are as follows:

Fundamentals of Acting

Acting Studios 1-4

Voice & Diction


Stage Combat


Fundamentals of Directing



Additional Details

Tara would love to travel, and becoming a professional actress in the film industry would be a perfect opportunity.

She loves to meet and work with new people. She knows that God has given her a talent and doesn't want to waste it. Films such as "The Encounter," "Fireproof," and "Facing the Giants" are just some of the action/adventure films she would love to someday emulate.

Overall, Tara is a hard worker is wanting to give this challenging adventure a try, with God's help.

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