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Meet Timothy Perez

Age Group: 41 to 50 Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10" City/Town: Griffin
State: Georgia Country: United States

Timothy Perez is a Actor. If you'd like to learn more about Timothy, you can scroll down to find all the relevant information or search the CFDb database for the films he is mentioned in.

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Starting out, Tim was cast as an extra (bad guy) in several roles. This is how he came known by the name The Atlanta Toughguy! Since then, he’s been cast as a gang member, soldier, pilot, father, military man, killer, business man, and others. Tim’s greatest strength as an actor is his ability to pull from his real-life experiences.

Tim is a professional pilot. When Tim isn’t flying, he spends his time acting and motivational speaking. Through his motivational speaking, Tim mentors youth groups, schools, churches, community programs, businesses, and others. Tims’ stories of inspiration and motivation are based off of his experiences growing up, overcoming a myriad of potential character-crippling challenges, to becoming a highly educated successful military and civilian leader, professional pilot, actor and charity oriented individual. Tim went from being a nobody to being “one hundred somebodies”. One thing’s for sure. Tim doesn’t sit around waiting for things to happen! He has done more in one lifetime than most people will ever do in ten.

Tim has a heart to do Christian and faith-based films.



Bar Betting
September Skies
Pitching Hope
Evolution Creek
Panama City
Game Over
Sounds of Poetry
Pursuit of the American dream
Single in the ATL
The Green Hour

Necessary Roughness
Money, Power, and Respect
Meet the Browns
Past life    Featured
Ben 10 – Alien Swarm
The Wronged Man
Uncanny X

Boomtown Casino
TNT Oscar Promo

U.S. Military Internal
Transend    Principal
U.S. Army Internal

Turner Classic Movies Toughguy Movie Marathon

Boomtown Casino

Maurette Brown Clark
Pitching Hope
Falling Soldiers



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Crystal Carson, Atlanta, Georgia, Top ten things Producers need to see, Crystal Carson, 2011 Top ten things Producers need to see to hire you

Robert Mello Acting Studios, Atlanta, Georgia, Meisner Level One, Rob Mello, 2011 Meisner Level One acting class.

Robert Mello Acting Studios, Atlanta, Georgia, On-camera, Robert Mello, 2011
On-camera audition technique

Seaford High Drama Club, Seaford, DE, Acting, Drama Club, 1976
High school drama club.

Seaford Junior Drama Club, Seaford, DE, Drama Club, Drama Club, 1974
Junior high school drama club, plays.


Helicopter pilot, Twin engine pilot, Single engine pilot, Martial Arts, Diving, Motorcyclist, Voiceover, Stage Combat, Firearms, Green screen, Skydiving, Equestrian, Scuba Diver, Boxing, Swimming, Martial Arts, Weight Lifting

Accents: Southern, New York (Brooklyn), Spanish
Spoken Languages: American English, Spanish

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