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Film Synopsis:

Becca had it all: beauty, a successful fiancé, and the job of her dreams. Everything was going according to her plan until the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the blink of an eye, her entire life came crashing down around her.

The fiancé ran off with some new fling. The dream job wouldn’t wait for her to get better. The toll cancer took on her body made her feel like less than a woman. Broken and alone, she refused to leave the house. She wanted cancer to finish what it started. But in her darkest hour, she found a mysterious ray of hope in the most unlikely of places.

From independent studio Kelly’s Filmworks, a new film based on the novel by Mary T. Lennox.

  • Ashley Kate Adams … Becca Norris
  • Juliana Allen … Suzanne Vostick
  • Matt Wallace … Joe Norris
  • Melissa Combs … Elaine Norris
  • Ruby Marie Lewis … Joni
  • Ryan King … Brett Fuhrman
  • Janine Turner … Herself – Talk Show Host
  • Audrey Adams … College student
  • Ernie Adams … Golf pro
  • Richard Cherry … Golf Pro #2
  • Stella Davis … Mary Patrick Norris
  • Angela DeVries … Girlfriend on bus
  • Charlie Douglas … Oncology nurse
  • Kara Edwards … Kind Nurse
  • Armando Garza … Bus driver
  • Hailey Giles … Pretty Redhead
  • Bill Hanna … Florist deliveryman
  • Dathan Hooper … Gym manager
  • Tim Kelty … Dr. Newsom
  • Nicole Lockard … Coffee shop waitress
  • Margaret McFadden … Kendall Norris
  • Keith McGill … Hotel manager
  • Marcia Miller … Bookstore cashier
  • Kaleigh Moore … Kayla Norris
  • Ashley Raymer-Brown … Chemotherapy Nurse
  • Michelle Rynbrandt … St. Vincents nurse
  • Mark Smeby … Dean Stovall
  • Shalethea Spencer … Oncology nurse
  • Staley … Staley
  • Rita Thomas … Puppy farm lady
  • Greg Worthington … Orderly
Company: Echolight Studios
Contact Person: Denver Smith
Email: Email Contact
1 Message, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Stacey Hopkins says
    29 January 17, 11:31pm

    I am a 46 year old black female. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.
    I had a double mastectomy and I received four months of chemotherapy. I had developed cancer for the second time. In 1990 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. At that time I went through about 10 months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for one month every day.

    I just wanted to say, what was portrayed in this movie is the way I have thought about being with someone special. It is always on your mind, especially if you are dating or wanting to enter into the dating world. It is very hard not to think about how the person you are interested in is going to think and how they are going to react. I really am thankful for this movie you have produced about breast cancer.

    I have been cancer free for over 10 years now!

    Thank you Lord God for the blessing and prayers answered. Thank you so very much.

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