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1 Soul

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1 Soul

Film Description:

1 Soul – Safina and her twin sister, Sarama, grew up in a traditional African home. As children they were so close, they would almost read each other’s thoughts.

When Sarama suddenly dies of a mysterious curse that is spreading throughout their village, Safina must confront the deceptions of ancient tribal beliefs and battle demonic forces that seek to possess and destroy her soul. It is only through the power of love that Safina ultimately finds the strength for her greatest confrontation.

Based on a true story, 1 Soul shares the terrifying experience of a young African woman who must confront supernatural forces in her quest to unmask a curse and discover her own true identity.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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  1. CFDb says
    12 November 10, 5:06pm

    Not sure if this film will ever be released? I emailed “Every Tribe Entertainment” with no answer.

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