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2 to Tangle

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CFDb Review:

Stick with this film, it’s a really good movie with some nice twists.

2 to Tangle

Film Description:

Jessica’s true love, Tom, starts appearing to her after his death. Terrified and confused, Jess seeks out an explanation for these haunting attacks and discovers that the key to her deliverance is her faith.

In a surprising twist Jess will find out that the man she loved was not who she thought he was. The answers to her questions might surprise you.

Release Date: (DVD) November 11, 2014

Film Cast

  • Kassy Collins … Karen
  • Clay Doss … Tom Martin / Michael Roberts
  • Jenna Epkey … Ronny
  • Michael Holmes … Jeffrey
  • Caleb Johnson … Caleb
  • Stephanie Minix … Kathy
  • Millie Moore … Elle
  • Payton Patrone … Jessica
  • David J. Syczylo … Ricky
  • Rhonda Yost … Deb

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Son Films Representative:
Phone: (812) 521-7665 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 1946 S County Road 525 W, French Lick, Indiana 47432

Film Details

2 to Tangle, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. 19 June 13, 4:04pm

    Clever plot. I liked it a lot, but I believe it could have been shortened a bit to heighten the viewer’s experience, and the ending was prolonged to the point of possibly being anticlimactic. There were a couple of mini sermons thrown in on particular Christian doctrines which I found interesting but detracted from the emotion of the story. In my case, I agree with both points of doctrine they espoused in the film, so I was totally cool with the message. Those who hold other positions will no doubt be more put off by these rabbit trails—and those doctrinal positions are controversial. As a result of figuratively having a cup of ice water thrown on me while I was warmly engrossed in the story, I’ve decided that when I include a didactic moment in a movie script, I’ll be very careful as far as placement. I’ll attempt to get it in before the audience gets emotionally involved, so they won’t be irritated by a delay in seeing a resolution. And for making doctrinal statements which don’t directly impact salvation and sanctification, I’ll probably just say no. I don’t think narrative movies are the place for arguing non-essential points of theology. The issue of whether we go directly to Heaven after we die or after the resurrection is what I consider non-essential. The other one, dealing with evil spirits, was more utilitarian, although I thought it out of place in this scenario.

    The acting wasn’t fantastic, but it was adequate. The female lead was a sweetheart, which made the story work for me. This is a great family movie.

  2. 11 October 13, 12:27am

    Overall, I loved the movie. I agree with DJP in his statements about some of the points on theology with regards to “making doctrinal statements which don’t directly impact salvation and sanctification, I’ll probably just say no.” However, the message about where we go after we die, I thought, was needed for Jess (Payton Patrone) in highlighting some answers she was searching for – also well written into the plot – and again, I loved the movie. Clay Doss did a wonderful job in a dual role. The plot, and entire storyline, with its drifting humor and ‘sweet’ moments, allowed Payton to get the most out of her character and she did a splendid job – she has natural screen presence with ‘star quality’, though I believe the director, Caleb Johnson, used some nice cuts and fades in order to allow all the actors, including the main ones, some protective coverage…though it was a bit choppy in spots, but perhaps intentional??? Caleb is a gifted director, and Jeff Johnson is an outstanding writer. Creative, humorous, heart felt, and a feel-good family movie about faith and God’s grace! .

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