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3 Roads

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3 Roads

Film Description:

The compelling story about three best friends who are haunted by their own deceit The Making of ‘3 Roads’ stay tune for the first film debut.

Three high school best friends Matt, Mike and Peter are fresh out of school with a wayward sense of direction in life and in desperate need of money. They decide to pursue a simple idea for getting some cash that would change everything. Together they devise a plan that’s quick, easy and where no-one gets hurt, the perfect crime. But as they run into the shop a struggle ensues, a shot is fired, resulting in the accidental shooting of a man. The boys escape the scene quickly and confide that they will never speak of the incident ever again.

Their secret stays silent until a witness comes forward and depicts details of the suspects. The story is spread throughout the media, they see it on the TV, hear it on the radio and read it in the newspapers. As the interest in the case escalates, the threat of their capture is drawing closer. The guilt eats away at them, constantly being haunted by recurring nightmares of the sound the man made as he lay dying. The remorse of their sin begins to consume their very existence, so the boys decide to take matters into their own hands

3Roads is a film that will draw viewers into the character’s emotions and tribulations, as they try to deal with situations that are current to the youth of this generation.

Arcpitch Films has searched and found the actors that fit the characters of the script. They have also done test shots to ensure that their actors are suitable to carry the roles they have been cast. Each role has turned out to be perfect for the actors, due to their training and the experiences from their own lives which they bring to the story.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

3 Roads

3 Roads Christian Movie

3 Roads Christian Movie Film

3 Roads

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