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48 Below

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Film Synopsis:

A story of faith and perseverance.

48 Below tells a dramatic true story of hope, perseverance and redemption, set in the desolate wilderness of Alaska, where the days are cold and the nights are colder.

When an ill-prepared afternoon snowboarding trip turns tragic for six friends, a small Christian school in Alaska and its community must put aside the discord and teenage angst that have poisoned their atmosphere and embrace faith to bring the teens home. With life-threatening injuries and sub-zero temperatures approaching, both the town and the teens must learn to rely on each other and on God as all learn a life-changing lesson of survival, and the importance of faith and unity.

  • Archie Archambo … Rescue 1
  • Angela Brazington … Angel
  • Marv Brazington … Pastor
  • Kalee Brusven … Sadee
  • Joshua Butler … Josh
  • David Drinkwater … Gnarly
  • Travis Gage … Trav
  • Catherine Gibson … Principal
  • Rebecca Kitson … Becca
  • Mitchell McCurdy … Mitch
  • Sarah Morris … Sarah
  • Sherry Morris … Sherry
  • Katlyn Persinger … Katie
  • Tiffany Persinger … Tif
  • Celeste Rodgers … Preacher
  • Keenan Wegener … Flounder
  • Tina Wegener … Mom 1
  • Charity Ludvick … Charity
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48 Below, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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