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9TH Floor: Quest For The Ancient Relic (Infiltrators)

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9TH Floor: Quest For Ancient Relic (Infiltrators)

Film Description:

9TH Floor: Quest For Ancient Relic (Infiltrators) – A reformed thief is blackmailed into recovering a priceless artifact from a condemned building on the eve of its implosion.

Jimmy Romero (JONNY CRUZ) and his entrepreneurial partner Micki Thorne (HALLEE HIRSH) are adventure-loving ‘urban explorers’ who delve into abandoned buildings and forgotten tunnels for fun and challenge. Blackmailed by a ruthless tycoon named Sebastian Koenig (STEVE RAILSBACK), Jimmy and Micki find themselves guiding Koenig’s cool and beautiful operative, Gin Cross (NATHALIE KELLEY), through a shattered office tower mere hours before it is to be imploded. Hidden somewhere in the explosive-packed interior are the thirty pieces of silver Judas was paid to betray Christ.

Jimmy discovers that others are searching for this prize as well. Members of a religious order led by Reverend Artemis Quaid (ROBERT PICARDO) seek to repossess the coins, while smooth, amoral treasure hunter Eric Volker (GREGORY JBARA) is determined to profit from their retrieval. Jimmy finds himself in a nine-story battle of wits and fists with Volker’s sophisticated crew of bandits… all while time relentlessly counts down to implosion.

Through it all, Jimmy realizes he has a chance to redeem himself. For all the backstabbing and double-crosses, he learns that salvation can’t be bought or stolen; it must be earned through trust, courage, and sacrifice. Near the climax, Jimmy confronts the tycoon and likens the two of them to thieves. Like the thieves crucified with Christ, one will find forgiveness and one will not.

Also Released as “Infiltrators”

9TH Floor: Quest For The Ancient Relic (Infiltrators)

9TH Floor: Quest For Ancient Relic (Infiltrators) - Christian Movie/Film

9TH Floor: Quest For Ancient Relic (Infiltrators) - Christian Movie/Film Screenshot

9TH Floor: Quest For Ancient Relic (Infiltrators) - Christian Movie/Film Screenshot 2

Film Cast

  • Jonny Cruz – Jimmy Romero
  • Nathalie Kelley – Gin Cross
  • Hallee Hirsh – Micki Thorne
  • Gregory Jbara – Eric Volker
  • Robert Picardo – Reverend Artemis Quinn
  • Steve Railsback – Sebastian Koenig
  • Rocco Nugent – Eddie Inchley
  • John Cann – Mr. Osmund
  • Sunny James Lohden – Mr. Pince
  • Pete O. Partida – Mr. Dicer
  • Everette Sifuentes – Grandpa Romero

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Film Details

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