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Mission Improbable

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CFDb Review:

A real show of genuine vs false Christianity.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Mission Improbable

Film Description:

Mission Improbable – Jesus, The Ultimate High

Matthew was born with a silver spoon in his mouth that allows him to obtain his degree in theology from Harvard and land a sweet and lucrative pastoral gig that gives him freedom to recreate to his heart’s content. His new $74,000 Cadillac, which he dubs “White Lightning” is the pride of his considerable possessions. Matthew is also proud of his very upscale church in Tennessee.

When God sends him a dream in the night, he has to reconsider his priorities in life. The nocturnal vision leads him to a local faith based drug/alcohol rehab center operated by Mission Teens. While Matthew is trying to determine a road map for his life, two substance abusers in the Heartland are trying to avoid being sent to an obscure community in Tennessee for rehabilitation. Circumstances put both Shane and Susan on the same bus, headed to Davy Crockett country and a rendezvous with a proud young pastor, Cupid, and the Holy Spirit.

Release Date: (DVD) February 27, 2016

Film Cast

  • Kelly Nelon Clark … Joni Clark
  • Mike R. Tinker … Matthew
  • Cameron Arnett … Dereck
  • Collin Alexander Brown … Shane
  • Omar Lagudali … Pastor Ron
  • Michael LaCour … Casey
  • Randall Moser … Norm
  • Richard E. Wilson … Antonio Girolami
  • Doc Benson … Bobbie
  • Donald James Parker … Jack Gordon
  • Kimberly J. Richardson … Mrs. Thompson
  • Royce Henry … Drug Thief
  • Jeff Ailshie … Bubba
  • Ken Dohse … Frank
  • David Vandergriff …     Narc
  • Jeremy Chesser … Policeman
  • Tony Caudill … Drug Thief
  • Donna Botts … Amy
  • Valorie Neal White … Elizabeth
  • Jeff Yarbrough … Fred
  • Jeff Tapken … Bus driver
  • Joshua Pierson … Drug Dealer
  • Melissa Pinkston …     Jessica
  • Robert Gobelet … Jake

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Film Details

Mission Improbable, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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