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A Beautiful Life

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A Beautiful Life

Film Description:

A Beautiful Life tells the story of Deborah, a single woman who has endured her mother brutally comparing her to her seemingly more successful sister. Deborah runs into 3 wayward souls in a local coffee shop who each have their own life dilemma. Deborah gives each person advice but is it advice she can take herself?

Journey through the inner turmoil and redemption of Deborah as she struggles to find her way in this drama that proves life isn’t always what it seems and a beautiful life is more than money, looks, or the admiration of others.

Release Date: (Online) May 5, 2017!

Film Cast

  • Charlene Latrell Taylor – Deborah
  • Omar Lagudali – Dan
  • Tessa Emily Hall – Megan
  • Cianan Butler – Jamal
  • Fernando Castellanos – Jake
  • Waitress 1 – Linda Bentley
  • Waitress 2 – Jayana Bentley
  • Young Jamal – Jaziah Butler

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Grace Like Rain Entertainment Representative: Linda Bentley
Phone: 478-747-5836 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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